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  • Head, QA

    Permanent | €90,000 - €120,000 per annum | UK Remote | Europe

    Tired of battling outdated tech and feeling like your projects are stuck in the past?

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  • SRE (Golang)

    Permanent | £50,000 - £65,000 per annum | North West

    Sports entertainment. A world where your sofa becomes a stadium, players become celebrities, and your mum suddenly knows what an accumulator is.

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  • Golang Developer (Kubernetes)

    Permanent | €70,000 - €90,000 per annum | Europe

    Containers are everywhere.

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  • Static Code Engineer

    Permanent | £100,000 - £140,000 per annum | London

    What is Static Code analysis?

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  • Principal Software Developer (founding start-up)

    Permanent | £120,000 -140,000 per annum | London

    The phrase “opportunities like this do not come around very often” usually does come around quite often.

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  • Azure Architect

    Permanent | £90,000 - £100,000 per annum | London

    Are you the Leonardo da Vinci of Azure? Because I’m looking for an architect!

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  • IAM Architect (Healthcare)

    Permanent | £90,000 - £110,000 per annum | UK Remote

    Are you the Leonardo Da Vinci of IAM?

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  • Lead Product Engineer

    Permanent | £100,000 - £120,000 per annum | London

    10 years ago, the best way to get fibre was to eat Weetabix and Bran Flakes.

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  • Head, Tech Platform

    Permanent | €150,000 - €180,000 per annum | Europe

    This is an AI-led B2B Data SaaS company that utilises AR and VR on an iOS and mobile-first platform.

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  • SRE Team Lead

    Permanent | £70,000 - £80,000 per annum | UK Remote

    The Oxford dictionary doesn’t have a definition of “site reliability engineering”

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  • GCP Engineer

    Permanent | £50,000 - £70,000 per annum | North West

    Are you a fan of working on a massive scale?

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  • Lead SRE (GCP & K8s)

    Permanent | £80,000 - £95,000 per annum | UK Remote


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