Latest Vacancies

  • Senior Linux Engineer

    Permanent  |  Up to £70000 per annum  |  South West

    Linux  •  DevOps

    The clues in the title here, I'm after someone with years of experience in the Linux arena who knows their way around RedHat. If you're reading this sentence and you're thinking 'Hey, thats me?!'... then read on and apply. They need...

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  • DevOps Engineer (Senior)

    Permanent  |  £70000 - £100000 per annum  |  Greater London  |  London

    Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    Dear DevOps Engineers, You've always been in short supply, and now is no different. Sure, there may be a global health crisis. But the client we're working with still has projects to complete, and they alway will. They're one of the...

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  • Platform Engineer

    Permanent  |  £45000 - £80000 per annum + Excellent Benefits   |  Europe

    Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    Interested in Kubernetes but haven't got the chance to work with it yet?Well… you'll get the opportunity to get trained and earn a Kubernetes certification, while also potentially working on one of the largest Kubernetes Implementation...

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  • Site Reliability Engineer (100% remote)

    Permanent  |  £85000 - £95000 per annum  |  Greater London  |  London

    Linux  •  Leadership  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    Don't just use the tools, build them!We are working with a number of companies who are looking to build up their SRE function from scratch and need your expertise and leadership qualities to help them. This is a true opportunity of...

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  • Site Reliability Engineer

    Contract  |  £406.62 - £496.99 per day  |  Europe  |  Amsterdam

    Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    You will work with a different kind of consultancy providing industry leading engineering, the way it is supposed to be done. True Site Reliability Engineering…You will join an organisation where every Engineer feels proud of where...

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  • Senior DevOps Engineer

    Permanent  |  £65000 - £75000 per annum + Fully Remote  |  Greater London  |  London

    Linux  •  Infrastructure  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    Retail is changing more than ever, with brands having to adapt their sales strategy with socially-distanced customer experiences. This company was launched to revolutionize the online customer experience. Growing rapidly and with the...

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  • DevOps Consultants (All Levels)

    Permanent  |  £75000 - £85000 per annum  |  Greater London  |  London

    Linux  •  DevOps  •  Cloud

    Sick of generic adverts talking about the opportunity for progression? Rather just keep gettng hands on with the latest tech? Happy just being an engnineer?We are working with a boutique consultancy delivering public cloud at scale...

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  • Senior DevOps Engineer - Fully Remote

    Permanent  |  £80000 - £100000 per annum  |  Greater London  |  London

    DevOps  •  Cloud

    Let's start taking the positives from our current global pandemic scenario shall we? One of those being the rise of being able to work remotely, with companies who support the idea and give you the tools to succeed. If you're keen...

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