• Scala Central #19


    Scala Central #19

    Medidata - 12 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 0NW | 6:30PM to 9:00PM

    After a short break in July, our next meetup will be hosted at the Medidata offices in Hammersmith. We are following this same format as last time with lightning talks and have some interesting talks covering areas such as Machine Clustering, Typeclasses, Apache Spark and Value Classes, with further topics TBC. We've got a great line up and will be hearing from Igal Levis and Manuel Santiago from Medidata as well as Magnus Valle and Martin Gwarada.

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  • Scala Central


    Scala Central

    London | 18:30

    This is the Meetup for anyone in the London area who is interested in the power and possibilities of the Scala programming language. We have some interesting events lined up featuring some of the leading lights in the community. The format will be 2 to 3 short presentations by invited speakers, and the chance to chat it over after with like-minded people, and some drinks and pizza.

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  • DevOps Exchange London


    DevOps Exchange London

    London | 18:30

    If you're a DevOps or Operations person running an online/cloud service in London, this meetup is a great chance to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies for running online services through 2-3 short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to chat it after over drinks/snacks.

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