Why You're Failing to Hire Top Talent - a definitive guide by LinuxRecruit


Skills shortage? What skills shortage.

It's a popular phrase, normally sitting alongside something cheesy like "The War for Talent", and usually from someone with a grandiose title such a "Blackbelt Talent Guru", or "Growth Hacker" (basically anyone who works in Recruitment, but refuses to call themselves a Recruiter).

In reality, there isn't a skills shortage

There are, however, reasons why companies are consistently able to attract and retain top talent, and you are not.

Sure, Demand may exceed Supply, but there are fundamental reasons completely within your control that are holding you back from hiring and retaining the best calibre individuals on a regular basis.

Don't worry - we're here to help.

We've put together an honest, 13 point guide, that will hopefully give you an insight into what those companies are doing, and what you are not.

Download our "Why You're Failing to Attract Top Talent" Guide today: