We LOVE DevOps ft. Spotify, Disney & Veeva Crossix


DevOps Exchange kicked off 2021 with a real bang, with one of our most attended events since we took our community virtual. DevOps enthusiasts from all around the world tuned in to hear from our February line up, with attendees joining from the UK, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Poland, Portugal, India, Isreal, The Netherlands, Canada and the US. 

It's no surprise given our featured speakers - it was incredible to hear from Spotify, Disney and Veeva Crossix, who shared informative, enthusiastic insight and a live demo that pushed an application into production in under 10 minutes (successfully, we might add!)

If you missed the event, fear not, all of our talks are recorded and hosted on our YouTube Channel. They are also available to view below:

Josh Brown,  Developer Advocate @ Spotify
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"Dogfooding internal developer products"

This talk will be interesting for companies that have open API's for any developer to build against. The talk is about how Spotify is leveraging our internal hackathons to test out these developer products that then can be used by anyone in the open public.

Jason Cox, Director, Platform & Systems Reliability Engineering @ The Walt Disney Company
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"Disney DevOps – Creating Digital Magic"

Disney is one of the world’s largest media companies and home of some of the most respected and beloved brands around the globe. Utilizing the latest technology is an important strategic focus at Disney, allowing guests to better connect with Disney and allowing Disney to better connect with guests in innovative and delightful ways.

This presentation looked at the past, present and future of Disney’s enterprise operations teams, specifically how we are using DevOps and SRE magic to accommodate the fast-changing needs of our accelerating and demanding businesses. Expect to hear about some of our challenges and what we are doing to overcome them.

Our intent is to tell a story that entertains, has practical benefit to the community, and encourages those facing similar challenges. Join us and hopefully, you too will be inspired to make a positive difference, enjoy some magic along the way, and help us all to keep moving forward.

“We keep moving forward—opening up new doors and doing new things—because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Jason Cox is the Director of Platform & Systems Reliability Engineering at The Walt Disney Company. He majored in computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Tulsa and later worked in civil engineering, helping transition from manual engineering and drafting to CAD. He spent several years using technology to design and build public infrastructure. He later co-founded an ISP and web hosting startup, managing datacenters and business operations until it was sold. After relocating to California, Jason took a job at Disney where he is currently leading several SRE and software engineering teams, helping the Disney businesses deliver guest delighting content, products and experiences.

Victor Cuascut, Director of DevOps @ Crossix Solutions

"Building the next generation DevOps Architecture with GitOps"

You can download Victor's presentation here.

Victor discussed how to build and manage a Gitops infrastructure from the ground up using ArgoCD. This will be a Technical demo/deep dive.

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