UK Digital Tech Market on the Up


Here at LinuxRecruit, the market is showing encouraging signs of improvement - with 75 live vacancies across our Contract and Permanent divisions, there is a feeling across the board that the market is getting busier. We’re not quite at the peaks of 2018/2019, but we’re moving forward, passed the depths of April and May. 

Tech Nation’s recent Jobs and Skills report confirmed that the tech sector is indeed picking back up - with a 36% increase in vacancies from June to August 2020 “second only to healthcare for the number of jobs advertised”. The market isn’t quite back to pre-COVID levels but the upturn is heartening. 

Source: Tech Nation - Job & Skills Report

You can view the full report here. 

Tech Nation reports that the Technology sector has advertised over 90,000 jobs per week in August 2020.

Software Developer is the most advertised digital role with employers looking for “Engineering”, “JavaScript” and “Amazon Web Services” as the most in-demand skills.

Interestingly, Tech Nation highlights “DevOps Engineer” as one of the top two roles that have increased in employer demand year on year, with DevOps Engineer in London increasing by 11%. Other hotspots with increased interest in hiring DevOps include Cambridge (45% increase),  Bristol (48% increase), Glasgow (85% increase) and Bath (increased by 125%).

Source: Tech Nation - Job & Skills Report

As to be expected, cloud computing roles are “burgeoning” as the report highlights what we all know to be true - companies are migrating their infrastructure and the maintenance of cloud-based networks is more important than ever. Has Covid-19 accelerated companies cloud transformations? We tend to hink so. 

With the UK job market still reeling, the importance technology plays in the UK economy is now more evident than ever. According to the report, the Technology sector employs more than a fifth of all workforce in the UK’s largest cities and of this, Software development, and by nature DevOps, is amongst the top 5 sought after roles alongside health workers.

We may still be firmly in the throes of a global pandemic, but make no mistake - companies are hiring, tech skills are as in demand as ever, and LinuxRecruit is here to help you make sense of the market and take the next step in your career. 

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