Training Course: OpenStack Fundamentals

01/10/2016   Training Courses  

Learn how to install, configure and use OpenStack

OpenStack Fundamentals is a practical workshop that will give you the skills to install OpenStack using the PackStack installation tool, configure all the core OpenStack modules, and use the IAAS service itself to create complex software stacks. 

In this course, you'll cover

  • Introduction - Foundations of Cloud Computing, IaaS model, basic terms and Architecture, Core OpenStack
  • Keystone - Objects, API concerns, Components, Backends, Authentication
  • Nova - Components, Flavours, Instances, Schedulers, Remote Access
  • Swift - Object Storage, Replication, Data Addressing and Placement, Modified Consistent Hashing Ring, Ring Internals, Ring Builder
  • Horizon - Backends
  • GlanceComponents, Backends
  • Cinder - Volumes, Components, Backends
  • Neutron - Components, Network, Virtualisation, Virtual Networks, L2 & L3 Agent, OVS, ML2, DHCP agent
  • Heat - Use Cases, Components, Templates
  • Cellometer - Use Cases, Components, Polling Agents, Backends

You can attend a course as an individual, or we can organise a session for your whole team. We also have an Introducing OpenStack course available. If you're not sure which course is most relevant to your experience, please get in touch and we can help.

We also offer courses on a wide range of other Infrastructure tools and technologies, including Microservice Architectures and Containers.

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