Training Course: Microservice Architectures

01/10/2016   Training Courses  

Learn how to containerize applications using the Docker ecosystem, and implement a complete microservice architecture using Docker Swarm

This is a hands-on workshop that will Split across two days, this hands-on workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to containerise applications and implement a microservice architecture. On the first day, you'll get the chance to “containerise” an application, create an image, deploy, monitor, and upgrade it. On the second day, you'll learn the core concepts of microservice architectures and service-discovery, then get the chance to deploy your application to a PaaS, then upgrade and scale it.

What you'll learn on this course

  • Container Fundamentals - Primary Use-cases, Filesystems: UnionFS, CGroups, Namespaces, Networks
  • Docker Engine - Launching containers, Managing Docker images, Mapping service ports, Assigning storage
  • Docker Compose - Launching application stacks, Docker networks: VXNET
  • Containerizing applications - Enterprise implementation scenarios, Troubleshooting containers
  • Docker Machine - Creating hosts in the Cloud
  • Docker Hub - Searching images, Pulling and pushing images, Tagging and Committing, The Docker Registry, Hosting a private Registry, Registry SSL, Building images with Dockerfiles, Building images with Packer
  • PaaS components - Monolith vs microservice, Common traits and features, Service granularity
  • Service Discovery - Client-side and Server-side, Service registries, Self-registration, Third Party registration, Consul, The Gossip protocol
  • Docker Swarm - Swarm networks, Swarm Nodes, Managers and Workers, Services, Tasks, Global and replicated services, Load balancing, Self-healing
  • Microservice applications - Deploying a frontend proxy, Application deployment, Scaling applications, Rolling updates, Using Swarm networks, Complex applications

You can attend a course as an individual, or we can organise a session for your whole team. We also offer courses on a wide range of other Infrastructure tools and technologies, including Apache Kafka and Containers.

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