Training Course: Engineering Ansible

01/10/2016   Training Courses  

Learn the core engineering elements of the Ansible configuration management and orchestration tool

This is a flexible course that will equip you the Ansible knowledge and skills to be ready to manage live infrastructure.

The course begins with an optional day that focuses on the basic concepts of Playbooks, plays and tasks, which is an effective overview of Ansible if you've not had much prior experience. The second day is focused on more complex language constructs and development practices and is where you will learn the skills to be able to use Ansible in a production environment.

What you'll learn through this course

Day 1: Fundamentals

  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Modes of operation
  • Dynamic and static inventory
  • ansible-doc
  • Playbooks – Plays – Tasks – Modules
  • yaml
  • Managing Roles with ansible-galaxy
  • Notifiers and handlers
  • Variables and scope
  • Templates with jinja2

Day 2: Development

  • Role construction
  • Idempotency
  • Development best practises
  • Testing with kitchen-ansible
  • Team development workshops with git
  • Leveraging Jinja2 – more templating
  • Using Blocks
  • Secrets with Ansible Vault
  • Managing complex infrastructure

You can attend a course as an individual, or we can organise a session for your whole team. We have courses available to suit different levels of experience with Ansible, so you might also be interested in our Learning Ansible or our Introducing Ansible Courses. If you're not sure which course is most relevant to your experience, please get in touch and we can help.

We also offer courses on a wide range of other Infrastructure tools and technologies, including Puppet and Containers.

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