Training Course: Apache Kafka

01/10/2016   Training Courses  

Learn how to install, deploy and manage Apache Kafka high-throughput distributed messaging software

This workshop will give you practical experience with Apache Kafka, and the skills to deploy Apache Kafka in a production environment.

What you'll learn about in this course

  • IntroductionUse Cases, Alternatives to Kafka
  • Configuration - New Producer, Broker, Consumer and Producer Configuration
  • DesignMotivation, Persistence, Efficiency, The Producer, The Consumer, Message Delivery Semantics, Replication
  • ImplementationAPI Design, Network Layer, Messages, Message format, Log, Distribution
  • Kafka APIProducer API, High-Level Consumer API, Simple Consumer API, Kafka Hadoop Consumer API
  • Basic Kafka OperationsAdding and removing topics, Modifying topics, Graceful shutdown, Balancing leadership, Checking consumer position, Mirroring data between clusters, Expanding your cluster, Decommissioning brokers, Increasing replication factor
  • Datacenters, Important Server Configs, Important Client Configs, Production Server Configs, Monitoring, ZooKeeper

This course is suited to engineers currently using Kafka, or technical people who would like to start. You can attend a course as an individual, or we can organise a session for your whole team.

We also offer courses on a wide range of other Infrastructure tools and technologies, including Microservice Architectures and Containers.

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