Scaling IoT Infrastructure, TLS & Innovation

26/02/2017   LinuxRecruit community  

After a great FinTech event in January, we had another great event with speakers on IoT, TLS and innovation. Below you can find videos of each talk, which we hope you find useful. We’re always interested in speaking to people who would like to present at future events -  so you if you have something interesting you’d like to talk about, please do get in touch.

Mika Boström - TLS Everywhere made Practical- or making X.509 honour the Geneva Convention

Mika, VPE at Smarkets takes us through how they have set up and automated their internal certificate management. He discusses what this has given them, as well as the things they're proud of, the things they want to improve, and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Dominique Guinard - Scaling an IoT infrastructure for 1 billion connected and tagged products 

Depending on who you believe, the IoT will connect between 25 & 300 billion things by 2020. Wearing a DevOps and infrastructure hat, Dominique Guinard, CTO at EVRYTHNG, looks at the challenges of implementing the IoT and what the team have learnt, focusing especially on issues around scale, security and privacy.

Simon Tarry - Innovating to the power of live

Innovation is in Ticketmaster’s DNA, from being the first to sell tickets online to providing API’s to our global ticketing ecosystem. Join us for a journey through the unexpected of our learnings from running internal and external hackathons, as we explore the relationship between DevOps and innovation. We’ll share some of the challenges and pitfalls we faced while attempting to drive for a true culture of innovation.

DOXLON is a monthly meetup in London organised by us at LinuxRecruit, and Outlyer, to exchange some of the latest ideas and technologies for running online services through two or three short presentations by invited speakers, and a chance to chat it after over drinks and pizza with likeminded people.

We started this event as we love DevOps and have seen an insatiable demand for more knowledge about it from teams running online/cloud services in London. We now run it monthly and have become London's largest DevOps Meetup attracting the best speakers and crowd interested in sharing the best ideas around DevOps with the community.

For more information, please have a look at the DOXLON Meetup page.