Scala Central November #13


Scala Central #13

Our last event of 2017 had a brilliant turnout with lots of familiar and new faces! We returned to Equal Experts once again so thanks again for their continued support.

I hope you all enjoyed it, we had a real mixture of talks this time from Chris at Ovo Energy, Mark from Shazam and César at Devoxx. With topics surrounding bringing your own effect, building for longevity with Scala and a functional sudoku solver.

Finally, we had a lucky winner, Tim Tennant, who bagged himself a Scala eXchange ticket as we are community hosts this year.

As always, if you weren’t able to make it then we have all of the content for you below, I hope you enjoy it!

Talk 1 - Chris Birchall - Bring Your Own Effect

Recently there is a trend in Scala libraries abstracting over the effect container in which they wrap their computations, allowing users to choose the effect that makes sense for their program.

I'll talk you through how I added this feature to the ScalaCache library, and explain how you can do the same for your own code and why it's a good idea.

Talk 2 - Mark Hatton - Building for Longevity with Scala

With engineers moving from project to project and company to company, how do we ensure the systems we are building can survive constant organisational & personnel change?  Why do some systems outlive others?  And if we are honest with ourselves, are we guilty of thinking much too short-term about our software systems?

Drawing from real world examples, I will discuss the Scala projects that succeeded long-term (5+ years) and those that quickly became obsolete.  I will further characterise some of the unique obsolescence pitfalls that Scala and its ecosystem bring and how to avoid them.

We’ll touch on the lesser known aspects of the API and the importance of choosing the right execution context.

Talk 3 - César Tron-Lozai - Functional Sudoku Solver

In this presentation, we will be building a Sudoku Solver solely using Functional Programming idioms in Scala. This is a great opportunity to learn the very basics of Scala and the power of its built in Vector library.

This talked is aimed at Scala beginners or anyone else interested in discovering this powerful language (Java developers welcome!)

We’re also very pleased to announce we’re partnering with SkillsMatter for this years Scala Exchange, so please look out for our booth during the conference and come and say hello!

Looking forward to many more meetups in the new year and are always looking to hear from people within the community who would like to speak, so do get in touch if this is something you’d like to be involved in, keep sharing and spreading the word!

See you all in 2018!

All the best,
Alice and the Scala Central team.