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16/03/2017   LinuxRecruit community  

Our sixth Scala Central meetup, excellently hosted by The Guardian, was one of our most successful meetups to date, with a packed room and excellent talks on machine learning, scala macros and SBT plugins - thank you to everyone who came along. Below you can find embedded videos of each talk, which we hope you find useful.

Paul Roberts - Scala Macros

Paul is a software developer at the Guardian where he deals mostly with Scala on the backend. Having survived a few skirmishes with the surreal world of Scala Macros, he will be talking to us about what they are, why they are so confusing, and when to use (or not use!) them.


Thomas Kaliakos - Detecting abusive comments at the Guardian 

How do you detect anti-social behaviour in online communities? This is a very real problem for the Guardian as we have tens-of-thousands of comments a day. During this talk, we will learn how Nicolas Long and Thomas Kaliakos used Apache Spark running on Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce (‘EMR’) platform to detect abusive comments.


Danielle Ashley - SBT Plugins: How and Why 

In large projects and/or organisations, building the project involves more than just compiling the code. Using plugins we can customise SBT to automate almost any task imaginable: testing, publishing, reporting, generating documentation, code analysis, and so on.

However, we might wonder what we would do on the fateful day when the plugin we are looking for doesn't exist and we have to write it ourselves.

This talk gives us a headstart on such a day.

Starting by lifting the lid on some existing SBT plugins and learning more about how they are constructed and how they work, you'll then see how to develop a simple one of our own. We'll see how plugins interact with the build and in the process learn more about SBT in general, demystifing this sometimes maligned tool.


We’re always interested in speaking to people who would like to present at future events -  so you if you have something interesting you’d like to share about Scala, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Our next event will be on the 25th April, so make sure you keep your evening free!

All the best,  

Alice and the Scala Central team


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