Scala Central June 2017

21/06/2017   LinuxRecruit community  

It was great to be back at the Equal Experts office and to welcome back Stefano Bonetti, with his second Scala Central talk about Stream Driven Development. We also had excellent talks on the free monad from Yeshwanth Kumar as well as Equal Experts' own Saurabh Arora, who talked us through the value of behaviour specifications. Thanks to Equal Experts, our speakers, and to everyone who braved the heat to come along. Below you can find videos and summaries each talk, which we hope you find useful.

Yeshwanth Kumar, Understanding frees

This talk focuses on quickly getting started on using the free monads with cats. The presentation covers some of the use cases for how free monads are used to isolate side-effects, nuances of different free implementations and writing fully testable code, and you'll also hear about using freestyle, a young library that makes it seamless to work with frees and cutting down boilerplate code that often gets bloated and tedious to maintain down the line.

Stefano Bonetti, Stream Driven Development - Roll your own reactive pipeline

Stefano looks at how reactive, Akka-backed data pipelines are rolled out at Presented through some examples, this talk discusses useful patterns to reason about your streaming application and test-drive its implementation.

We’re always interested in speaking to people who would like to present at future events, so you if you have something you’d like to share about Scala, please do get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

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Alice and the Scala Central team