Scala Central February 2017

16/02/2017   LinuxRecruit community  

We had another great Scala Central event, with some really interesting talks on free monads, dependency injection and Type classes, as well as some insightful conversations and good pizza! Thanks to our speakers, everyone who came along, and to for hosting the evening! If you would like to learn more about and the Expedia Inc family please check out:

Below you can find videos of each talk, which we hope you find useful. You can also subscribe to our youtube channel where we'll upload videos of all our talks.

Greg Dorrell - Running your standup with a Free Monad

Greg is a software engineer at Expedia, who talked us through how he modelled his team's daily standup using Monads. His talk looks at how Monads can be used for more than just handling errors cases (in the case of Option/Try/Error), and how the Free Monad can be used to write a program that models his team’s daily standup, and some of the pros and cons of this approach.

Josef Vlach - Roll your own Type class

Josef is a Senior Software Engineer, who discusses how we can utilise Type classes to help us achieve one of the goals of Functional Programming - capturing side effects and pushing them to the borders of a program so the core logic can be pure. He also shows how the use of Type classes inevitably leads to improvements in overall type safety of our programs.

Dave Gurnell - Approaches to Dependency Injection in Scala

Dave Gurnell, Scala Consultant at talks us through Dependency injection. What is it? Why do we need it? And how should we implement it? His talk aims to answer these questions, covering several approaches to dependency injection in Scala, including Google Guice, the cake pattern, and the reader monad, comparing and contrasting them and identifying the criteria for choosing each.

We’re always interested in speaking to people who would like to present at future events -  so you if you have something interesting you’d like to share about Scala, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Our next event will be on the 15th March, so make sure you keep your evening free!