Scala Central #16


We all had a great time at our 16th Scala Central hosted by Elsevier at their Moorgate offices.

Thanks to everyone who made it down to see us, for those who didn’t, luckily we recorded it for you.

We kicked things off with some chat, pizza & beers before getting into the talks from our wonderful trio of speakers.

Anna at Elsevier started things off with a discussion on embracing the implicit. Implicits are often regarded with suspicion by developers, with some companies going as far as banning them from their codebases. Anna dove into how implicit conversions and parameters work in Scala. She talked about design pattern where they can come in handy, as well as scenarios where they should definitely be avoided. By the end of the session everyone should have had a good idea about the power and the responsibility that comes with the “i-word”.

Next up was Jeff from HomeAway who gave us an informative presentation on simplifying streaming applications with Functors.
Streaming libraries such as **Akka Streams** can provide us with a rich toolset to help us process data from disparate systems. As these data pipelines grow in complexity so do the issues around code readability, boilerplate code and the bleeding of different domain concerns within the pipeline.
Jeff also covered using **Akka Streams** and **cats** to implement **Functors** which maintain a separation of concerns between data and metadata within the pipeline.

Last but not least was Vasileios Lampridis a Scala Developer from Onzo covering, expressing polymorphism for immutable object hierarchies.

A great talk for those who have previously found themselves stuck when trying to model hierarchies of immutable objects. Or maybe duplicating code because the types don't work out when creating a superclass. If you had ever wondered how the types and abstractions work within Scala collections, this was the talk for you.
Vasileios’s aim was to connect the dots, providing you with an overview on designing typesafe, immutable object hierarchies for your domain model, using F-Bounded polymorphism and Functional Dependencies.

Please get in touch with Alice – if you would like to be a speaker at our next event on 2nd May which will be held at the Deliveroo offices.