Scala Central #14

26/01/2018   LinuxRecruit community  

For our first Scala Central of 2018 we ventured west to the Football Radar offices in Hammersmith, and what great hosts they were!

The talks took place in the ‘Laudrup Room’ which was used to be a court, so another first for Scala Central, it’s great to see so many different offices on our meetup journey so far.

After chats and nibbles, we heard from Football Radar’s Neil Benn and Ausmarton Fernandes which followed with some great conversations over burgers (a welcome change from pizza) and beers which were all kindly provided by the Football Radar team.

For those of you who attended, we hope you enjoyed it and those of you who couldn’t make it, we have the videos below for you.

Neil Benn

Another round for Rafael - Type-safe builder pattern in Scala revisited

It is almost 10 years since a blog writer named Rafael Ferreira wrote a post entitled "Type-safe Builder Pattern in Scala". In this post Rafael shows how to use certain features of the Scala type system to implement the well-known "Builder Pattern" but with static compile-time safety checks. Since the original post, others have been inspired through the years to take the same example and show alternative approaches for the type-safe build pattern in Scala.

This talk continues in the same vein and aims to show the sheer variety of approaches that Scala enables, while offering perhaps a different perspective on some interesting Scala techniques for type-safety. (Some keywords: Implicit parameters, type constraints, Phantom types, Abstract type members, the Aux pattern)

Ausmarton Fernandes

Category Theory: in theory and practice

Writing an abstract is hard, kind of like composing your thoughts for a concise but yet meaningful stand-up update keeping in relevant information without the low-level details.
Maybe that statement is a little bit “meta”, but it’s not just in practice that we look for abstraction, even the mathematics behind what we do is about that.

In this talk, I’ll quickly introduce some basic concepts from Category Theory and then compare some of those theoretical concepts to the ones we know from practice in Cats and Scalaz.

If this is the first time you’re viewing our videos, you can also check out our youtube channel where all of the previous talks are available to view.

Our next event will take place at the Morgan Stanley offices in Canary Wharf, we also have the event scheduled on meetup for you to secure your place early.

We also have spots available for speakers for the next event so reach out to me if you’d like to share something with the Scala Central audience!

See you next time!

All the best,

Alice and the Scala Central team.