JavaScript Exchange ft. BBC & METRO Markets


We managed just ONE in-person meetup for the launch of JSX before lockdown sent us into the realm of Virtual Events - but the JavaScript Exchange Community has continued to thrive and we were back this week with our sixth event!

Joined by the Beeb's Voice & AI software developer, Mark Provan, and METRO Markets newest Javascript Engineer, Luis Diego Hernández Arias, we spent the evening discussing AWS CDK and Test Driven Delivery. 

All presentations and recordings are below!

Mark Provan, Software Engineer @ BBC Voice + AI
Automating Infrastructure in TypeScript with AWS CDK

Download Mark's Presentation here.

"In this talk, I’ll be covering how we can use TypeScript to automate and test infrastructure deployments on AWS, as well as showing how our infrastructure code can live alongside the applications running on it. From basic examples to automating staging and live environments, hopefully, there’s something new in here for everyone."

Mark is a Software Engineer at the BBC where I work on Beeb, the worlds first public service voice assistant, as part of the Voice + AI team. In a past life, Mark was a Ruby Developer working in E-Commerce. He has a passion for how teams work, most notably pair programming and Infrastructure as Code. Outside of work, he loves camping with his partner, cats and cycling

Luis Diego Hernández Arias, JavaScript Engineer @ METRO Markets
Test-Driven Delivery - A Short Story on E2E: Tips & Tricks


Download Luis Diego's Presentation here. 

"A few years ago I took a couple of months to finish a ticket, the usual for the team; what wasn't usual was that the implementation was bad. I wasted weeks of development changing my implementation but out of that experience came our new way of working: Test-Driven Delivery, a take on TDD with focus on end-to-end tests. This is a compilation of that experience and some things I learned from it."

Diego (or Luis, or Luis Diego) is a software engineer specializing in JavaScript, with 5+ years of experience in web development. He started his developer career in full-stack roles but lately, he's been digging more into the frontend. He's deeply passionate about learning new things, solving interesting problems, and loves pair programming.

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