JavaScript Exchange December Recap


When we kicked off the JavaScript Exchange in February, we had no idea what 2020 had in store. From transitioning to working remotely, adapting to virtual events and growing to over 700 members - we were thrilled to end the year on a real high with JSX #7. 

Hosted by Jessica Rose, a Senior Consultant in our Development Team, we were joined by Pablo Magaz, Doddle who showed us the merits of Deno, based Google's open-source high-performance JavaScript engine V8, alongside William Heslam talked us through testing React components.

You can now view their talks and find out more below:

Pablo Magaz, Principal Frontend Engineer @ Doodle AHG
LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub

"Creating a REST API with Deno"

You can download Pablo's presentation here. 

Deno is the new JavaScript runtime based on the V8 that comes with improvements over NodeJs like the use of TypeScript as default language and improved security. Easy API creation was key for the success of NodeJs and it’s no different in Deno. During this talk, we will learn how to write and structure a REST API using Deno and Oak, the middleware framework for Deno’s HTTP server.

Pablo Magaz is an Engineering Manager with technical knowledge acquired in more than 17 years of software development in Back-End, Front-End, and Mobile, working different programming languages like Python, Rust, PHP, or Java. He is very focused in the JavaScript world on the latest years developing applications using NodeJs, React, Redux, Angular Vue, WebAssembly, and more recently Deno. Aside from software development and team-leading he is also blogger and speaker in events.

William Heslam, Senior Developer
LinkedIn | Twitter 

"KISS: Testing stateful React components"

You can download Will's presentation here.

Testing complex stateful React components can be an error-prone chore, with implicit dependencies requiring brittle mocks and synthesised events, or alternatively, necessitating artificially partitioning your tree into stateful and stateless components.

In this talk I'll introduce a technique to explicitly expose a React component's state in a way that doesn't demand any changes to your component tree, making testing simple and highly flexible - and all it requires is a little help from a mysterious 19th-century Russian man.

Will is a JavaScript developer with over 10 years of experience. In his spare time, he likes fiddling with Turing patterns and speculating about the Fourth Futamura Projection.
Before lockdown, he could often be found combing through second-hand book shops for obscure tomes on forgotten programming languages. Now he might have to start reading them...

JavaScript Exchange will be back in January 2021 - in the meantime, be sure to join our Meetup Community and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date with all things JavaScript.

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