JavaScript Exchange - Virtual Meetup 2


JavaScript Exchange hosted our second virtual event this June featuring three very different tech leaders discussing Node.JS, Serverless and automating design review with Visual Regression.

You can see the full recording and associated presentations below, check it out:

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Florent Biville, Developer @ VMWare Tanzu (Pivotal) - 00:04:18
Title: Node.js Streams 101

View Florent's presentation here
Accompanying Code Repo here.

Synopsis: Having worked on (an open-source Function as a Service solution), I spent a significant time maintaining the Node function invoker.
Streaming is an important part of riff invokers' design so I had to significantly ramp up on Node.js streams.
This short talk is the introduction I would have loved to see when I started.
It will cover the fundamentals, showing some examples and highlight some pitfalls.

Florent is an R&D Developer at VMware Tanzu, formerly Pivotal, based in Paris, France.
Twitter: @fbiville

Louis Quaintance, Chief Engineer @ Wealth Wizards - 00:29:00
Title: Moving to Serverless in JS

View Louis' presentation here. 

Synopsis: How to embrace the vendor lock-in and use the best of AWS to help power your JS applications and save money

Louis is a Full Stack JavaScript Engineer from Birmingham with over 12 years of experience working in agile software development. he currently works as Chief Engineer at Wealth Wizards.

Callum Silcock, Front End Architect & Conference Speaker @ Webanytime - 00:52:10
Title: Automating Design Review with Visual Regression

Download Callum's presentation here
See his GitHub here and associated code repo here.

Synopsis: A pixel here, a mis-eyedropped colour there or worst of all having to spin up your IE11 VM to do a design review process. This talk covers how to utilise visual regression (screenshot diffing) tools to offload these pains and move this to just another pull request step.

Bio: A Lead Front End Architect with over 10 years experience in front end engineering and best practice, currently focusing on helping startups scale.
Twitter: @csi_lk

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