JavaScript Exchange - July feat. Gousto & Vortexa


July's JavaScript Exchange featured brilliant talks from one of the UK's fastest-growing businesses Gousto, and real-time analytics company Vortexa. 

You can see the full recording and associated presentations below, check it out:

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Ana-Maria Pasparan, Software Development Engineer @ Gousto

"How to boost react application performance with selectors"

Synopsis: 'We know react is great because it updates only parts of the application that need to change, but is this true in all contexts? When components receive a lot of props and the business logic is done in the component the performance can decrease a lot.

How can we ensure the performance doesn't decrease when we have a lot of business logic?

This talk will walk you through some examples of how to use selectors and reselect to boost your application performance.'

Ana is a software engineer at Gousto with over 4 years of experience working in JavaScript. Currently focusing on writing performant code and sharing knowledge through pair programming.

View Ana's presentation here. 
@Ane31mary | @GoustoTech

Learn more about Gousto's Tech scene on their blog.

JR Granell, Head of Application Development & Seán Barry, Full Stack Engineer @ Vortexa
"Pushing compute to the browser: how we've architected a data-intensive process on the client-side rather than the server"

Synopsis: Exporting vast quantities of data from platforms is common, but queues, scaling & latency pose technical and real-world problems. Using a number of modern solutions like HTTP 2, web workers and careful state management with redux we can offload the work to the browser and deliver the user a delightful experience.

Seán is a full-stack engineer with 6+ years of experience building web platforms. He has spent 4 years working as a freelancer designing, building and deploying bespoke applications in Node/React. More recently Seán has been a part of the Application Development Team at Vortexa. Amongst other internal and external tools, their main responsibility is delivering huge amounts of complex data with a performant Node.js API and a stunning React web application.

You can download JR & Seán's presentation here.
@SeanBarryUK | @Vortexa

For more insight into Vortexa and their real-time analytics, check out their blog here.

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