JSX x Kodiri - an evening of online coding challenges


As an additional August event for our JSX community, we teamed up with educational online gaming platform Kodiri for an evening of interactive coding challenges. 

We invited the community to join us online and Kodiri and Pusher live-streamed the event on YouTube. Over 50 developers around the world took part in a good-natured competition, with challenges to suit all ability levels. 

We kicked off the evening with an introduction from our very own Tom and Jess, before Ricardo Mallols and his colleague Kim Westley answered a range of questions demonstrating different possible approaches to each coding scenario. You can view the full recording here:

At the end of the event, the results for each 'Team' were announced for the beginner, intermediate and advanced challenge streams. The brilliant thing about Kodiri, is that results are calculated using their 'Performance Pentagon' that scores each attendee, not only on the Accuracy of their code but also their 'Tenacity', 'Speed', 'Focus' and 'Elegance'.

Participants also have the option to view the answers/code submitted by other attendees, offering everyone an opportunity to peer review their teammates and competitors, whilst also learning about different approaches to problem-solving in JavaScript and React. 

You can actually view the results from each attendee here:

JavaScript results:

React results:

This event was a different format to our usual meetups and we'd love to hear your thoughts - did you take part? Do you wish you had?! Would you like to see more events of this nature in future?

Get in touch and let us know - info@linuxrecruit.co.uk.

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