ELK Stack & Beats, Splunk and cgroupv2

01/01/2017   LinuxRecruit community   Industry insights  

Our November 2016 DOXLON line up was a varied one, with Facebook providing us with an in-depth look at how they have managed containers over the past 8 years, and why a complete overhaul is coming, with an entirely new control group system. We also had Epam Systems demonstrating how to use the ELK stack together with Beats Plugin data shippers for system metrics, along with monitoring multiple Docker containers. Neil Chowdhury at Strft focused on how they are using Splunk and data models for collaboration, and the need for semantic logging.

Below you can find videos of each talk, which we hope you find useful. We’re always interested in speaking to people who would like to present at future events -  so you if you have something interesting you’d like to talk about, please do get in touch.

Jon Hammant - ELK Stack and Beats 

Jon, Head of Cloud & DevOps for UK & EU, talked us through how Epam Systems have used the ELK stack together with the Beats Plugin data shippers to provide detailed system metrics, network traffic, file analysis and more. He also gives an overview of the key issues around monitoring multiple Docker containers in a cloud-native environment with these logs sent back to a central host. 

Chris Down - Cgroupv2: Linux's new unified control group system

Cgroupv1 (or just "cgroups") has helped revolutionise the way that we manage and use containers over the past 8 years. In kernel 4.5, a complete overhaul is coming -- cgroupv2. Chris, Production Engineer at Facebook, delves into why a new control group system was needed, the changes from cgroupv1, and practical uses that you can apply to improve the level of control you have over the processes on your servers.  

Neil Roy Chowdhury- Data Democratisation with Splunk

In this session, Neil, Lead Splunk Consultant at Strft, discusses how to utilise splunk to foster collaboration between dev and ops teams in a safe and secure way. We’ll focus on the need for semantic logging and what part data models can play in everyone speaking the same language, not just for dev and ops teams but for information security and other business areas too. is in Ticketmaster’s DNA, from being the first to sell tickets online to providing API’s to our global ticketing ecosystem. Join us for a journey through the unexpected of our learnings from running internal and external hackathons, as we explore the relationship between DevOps and innovation. We’ll share some of the challenges and pitfalls we faced while attempting to drive for a true culture of innovation.

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