DevOps in Dubai: Lightning Talks!

01/06/2017   LinuxRecruit community  

Last week we hosted over 100 DevOps enthusiasts from many of the top technology companies in the region in the impressive Cisco offices. This time we decided to change the format of the evening to 4 x 15-minute lightning talks given by SysAdmins and Developers who had a cool story to tell.

Thanks to our speakers, to everyone who made it along to watch the talks, our sponsors, AppDynamics and LinuxRecruit, and my co-organisers, Faisal Nizam, Tony Chapman and Sven Herzing. We are excited to be able to say that DevOps In Dubai is now the largest technical meetup in the Emirates!

It's been great to see the community come together and to see some of the exciting innovations that are happening in technology teams across Dubai.

If you couldn't make it or would like to watch the talks again, you can find the videos below. 

Startup Architecture @ Scale by Mohamed Meabed

Tajawal is an online travel agency that has grown to 400+ staff over the past 3 years.

Mohamed discusses how they have architected both their technology and organisation structure to achieve success at scale.

This talk covers an extremely broad range of technologies from queueing systems to containers and configuration management, as well as deployment patterns, all within the context of building a complex distributed microservices application.

Handling application secrets in the cloud by Mudasir Mirza

Dubizzle is the most popular classifieds site in the Middle East. Established 12 years ago their platform has grown to over 40 microservices in production servicing 10k+ requests per second.

Mudasir does a deep dive into how Dubizzle handles secrets. With so many micro services it had become a massive headache to manage secure variables, which applications are authorised to use them, an audit log, and eventual revocation.

After investigating various solutions they settled on Hashicorp Vault. Mudasir explains their setup and does a cool demo at the end showing how to generate ephemeral username and passwords for each access request to MySQL.

Manage 1000s of machines using Puppet and Mcollective by Hassan Ajan

Oracle have made large investments in their cloud businesses. They are a huge company with many SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and DaaS offerings.

Hassan shows the benefits of using an orchestration framework like Mcollective across your hosts. He shows the benefits of having a real-time inventory that can be queried my things like monitoring systems, as well as showcasing the agility that can be achieved by decoupling deployments from configuration management.

Experiences with AWS container services by Humayun Jamal

Propertyfinder is the best property portal in the Middle East.

Humayun describes their use of Amazon container services - the good, the bad, and the not yet implemented. This is a very honest talk about what works and what doesn’t, as well as a quick comparison to Mesos and Kubernetes.

We're always looking for speakers and supporters, so if you have something interesting about DevOps that you'd like to share, or would like to offer your support, please get in touch with myself or Tony.

Thanks, Steven 

Steven Acreman is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience helping SaaS companies launch their online products. He is currently trying to grow the DevOps community in Dubai.