DevOps Journeys: Feidhlim O'Neill

10/02/2017   DevOps Journeys  

As part of our DevOps Journeys series, we spoke to Feidhlim O'Neill, Group Head of Platform Engineering and Technical Operations at Wonga, about his experiences with DevOps.

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What does DevOps mean to you?

As the name, implies DevOps is a blending of the product creation and operations worlds to create better products faster and with less risk. better both functionally as well as operationally/non-functionally.

What was your first experience of DevOps like?

working in Yahoo! in the 90s was the first time i worked with operation engineers who were software engineers first. we called it service engineering then and it was still mostly siloed away from the product teams but it showed me the possibilities.

If you could give yourself some advice when you first started your DevOps ‘journey’, what would you say?

Be confident in my operational knowledge of what works and what products need to have - that ops is a partner of product engineering.

What's exciting you within the DevOps space at the moment?

The maturing of the cloud and the tools (like Hashicorp) means less writing non-functional tools and more thinking about the product problems ( and so adding value) which is great, but what excites me the most is the acceptance that DevOps is now the norm.

What challenges are you seeing at the moment?

Its all good!

What do you think the next 'big thing' in the DevOps world will be?

DevOps is already driving new software architecture patterns like microservices which can only really work being built and supported in a DevOps environment.

What are your predictions for DevOps in 5 years?

A couple of things come to mind. More acceptance of DevOps in mainstream companies. Microservices becoming more ubiquitous. Maturing of multicloud tools and the continued rise of the API both in the cloud in our datacenters to build and manager infrastructure.

With broad technical operational experience in a variety of companies on both sides of Atlantic Feidhlim is currently group head of platform engineering and technical operations at Wonga after spending two years in a similar role at Hailo. Building teams, infrastructure automation, engineering productivity and non-functional requirements are among the areas that interest Feidhlim.