DevOps Journeys 2.0

20/03/2017   DevOps Journeys  

DevOps has certainly gone mainstream, with the rise of consultancies beginning to bring DevOps into the Enterprise and organisations of all shapes and sizes achieving some really exciting things. That said, there’s still so much scope for the community to grow, and to refine and iterate the full potential of DevOps.

With this in mind, we spoke again to some leading DevOps practitioners in the community to talk through their experiences so far, and to delve into some of the challenges they have seen, and what issues may still lie ahead.

Read the full ebook here or click the image below.

If you’re undertaking a digital transformation, or are passionate about the power of DevOps, we hope this eBook will give you some interesting insights to take away.

If you would like to be involved in future editions, or you have anything you would like to add to the conversation please do get in touch with us.