DevOps Exchange launches in Manchester - 2nd December!


DevOps Exchange is pleased to announce that we will be launching in a brand new location: Manchester!

Home to Vimto, Joy Division (and New Order), Timothy Burgess, The Smiths, Coronation Street, Manchester United, Manchester City, Oasis, Manchester will now have one more name for the list: DOXMAN.

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With Manchester boasting the UK’s fourth-largest total digital turnover (coming in at £2.9 billion), securing its status as the largest technical hotspot outside of London, it was about time we made the trip up North. 

We'll be kicking thing off with a launch event on December 2nd at Barclays Eagle Labs, a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Don't worry - there's plenty more seats.

The lineup for the evening includes heavy hitters in the world of DevOps from three digital powerhouses in the North West - Jaguar Land Rover, Auto Trader and BJSS.

Talk 1: Jason Hughes, Principle SRE, Jaguar Land Rover

“From PCF to Kubernetes”

Talk 2:  Dave Whyte, Operations Lead, Auto Trader
“Live demo - Showcase of Auto Traders ‘DevOps’ tooling”

Talk 3: James Young, Cloud Consultant, BJSS
“Introducing Pulumi”

The full details of the agenda can be found on our Meetup Page, where you can also register for the event. 

RSVP today to secure your seat! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheDoxHub. Spoiler alert: other new locations are to be announced imminently...