DevOps Exchange Meetup - May 2019 - Lush Digital #DOXMOUTH

28/05/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

After a short hiatus, The DevOps Exchange Bournemouth returned for its 3rd installment and this time, we headed to Poole with our good friends at Lush Digital who provided their amazing space - The Greenhouse!

To start the event, we had the return of Dan Potepa who spoke at our first event in 2018 and brought us an update on if Lush's route to production has been as painless as expected.

We then heard from Lee Stacey on all things IoT and the part it will play in transforming the future of many businesses.

Finally, we had Tass Skoudros on how his team have tackled the challenges of implementing security across all aspects of our online services

Learnings from LUSH - Dan Potepa

Synopsis: While LUSH is full steam ahead on their next generation platform, Dan takes a look at some of the hurdles they've faced and the lesson's they've learned from their experience, hopefully helping others avoid them in the future!

Bio: Dan has been a DevOps Engineer at LUSH Digital for 2 years, working on their latest commerce, pos and social platform. Built on DevOps methodologies and principle from the start.

Truth, Lies, and IoT - Lee Stacey

Synopsis: The Internet of Things will play a key part in the transformation of many businesses over the next few years. In this digital utopia, data will pass from machine to machine freely, often without the need for human interaction. Billions of machines will evaluate and act on the data from other machines and trillions of dollars will be saved or generated as a result. But how far are we really from this utopia? What are the barriers preventing us from getting there? Thingstream's Product Evangelist, Lee Stacey, peels back the curtain on to reveal the truth behind the mythos of IoT.

Bio: Lee Stacey is Technology Product Evangelist for Thingstream with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and a technology background spanning the decades.

Security as a shared responsibility - Tass Skoudros

Synopsis: How we take on the challenge of implementing security across all aspects of our online services. How we plan, design and build secure services in a sustainable way.

Bio: ass Skoudros is Managing Director of Servana a specialist DevOps managed service provider. We help our customers deliver digital experiences globally.

We are in the process of planning Doxmouth #4 and #5 and are always keen to hear from potential speakers and hosts. Click for more details.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

All the best,
The DoxMouth team
(Tony, Dan P, Andy, Dan C, Jorge)


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