DevOps Exchange Meetup - May 2019 @ River Island

20/05/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

Another successful DevOps Exchange event took place in the heart of Shoreditch at the offices of one of Britain’s most well known high street fashion brands – River Island.

A special thanks to the River Island team for hosting #DOXLON this month.

Here are the videos for those who missed the event:

Alessandro De Maria @ Synthace
Talk: Introducing Kapitan into your startup: first 100 days at Synthace

Synopsis: Introducing Kapitan into a real startup to simplify processes and gain control over Kubernetes deployments.


Peter Flood and David Edwards @ River Island
DevOps transformation at River Island, a product team perspective

Synopsis: The journey of a fledgling project team into a maturing value led product team embracing DevOps culture. This presentation will include some of the challenges faced and the technologies/processes used to overcome them.

Daniela Petruzalek @ GoCardless
Pac Man from Scratch

Imagine that: a Pac Man clone written in Go that runs on the terminal… with emojis! The purpose of this game is actually to provide a fun way to learn the Go programming language, instead of the traditional API and/or CRUD tutorials out there. While the game itself is very simple and the use of the terminal as a “screen” abstracts the need for using graphical libraries, we are still able to show some powerful features like the use of goroutines and channels.

Phil Thompson @ Bloomberg
The challenge for DevOps isn't Dev, and it isn't Ops either

The content will be on leadership and systems thinking, about how DevOps can be seen as a local optimisation within a system, and solely focusing there may actually worsen the system as a whole.

We hope you enjoyed the event. If you have any feedback, please email: 

Keep checking our meetup page for future events.

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