DevOps Exchange Meetup - June 2019 @ Depop

27/06/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

We had another successful DevOps Exchange event take place at the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace – Depop.

A special thanks to the Depop team for hosting #DOXLON this month.

Here are the videos for those who missed the event:

David Blooman - Platform Engineer @ Depop
Title: Kubernetes on EKS: The first 6 months.

Synopsis: Depop had an issue, new services took a lot of time to set up, with new services requiring many people involved to get a simple app into production. EKS and kubernetes has been essential to Depop for scaling out our business, allowing us to double the number of production services in less than 6 months.

Tom Clark - Head of Common Platform @ ITV
Title: ITV's Common Platform v2: better, faster, cheaper, happier

Synopsis: In 2015 ITV thought they'd built the last hosting platform they'd ever need. In 2019 they're replacing half of it. In this frank retrospective, ITV shared what they learned from v1 and what steps they're now taking so that v2 really will be _last_ last hosting platform they'll ever need.

Daniel Caballero Rodriguez - Senior SRE @ Fastly
Title: Infrastructure as Code or Infrastructure as Configuration?

Im sorry to say that, but Infrastructure is everywhere; no matter if you are using k8s, GCP, AWS, or any other offering... you need to describe the infrastructure requirements your application needs to run... with code? Are we really using code, or are we back to configuration management? Should we? Daniel reviewed how they've been interacting with Cloud Providers in the last 10 years, using scripting, actual code and configuration files. Code snippets will be supporting us in this time travel, while we will be blaming the Twelve-Factor App methodology (and ourselves?) given we ended up messing with templates... Some newer alternatives will be presented (Terrascript and Pulumi) and thoughts about the convenience of changing (or not?) the model.
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