DevOps Exchange Meetup - July 2019 - Siemens Poole #DOXMOUTH

04/07/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

The DevOps Exchange returns in July and once more we have partnered with another local stalwart as we will be hosting out of Siemens Poole office.

As always, we will run with 3 x 20-minute talks with an opportunity to socialise and continue the discussion afterward.

Due to location, the team from LinuxRecruit are putting on a shuttle bus to and from Poole Station to help with any transport issues. For anyone interested in this, if you can drop the DoxMouth team a message so we can organise numbers.

Firstly we will hear from Jez Mckinley, a DOXMOUTH regular, on Refactoring in Ansible and how his code has evolved over time.

Up next, Spencer Stantis will talk about his recent experiences of working in China, the hurdles he faced and solutions he devised to overcome these.

Finishing things off, we will hear from one of Siemens own, Andrei Butnaru (full synopsis yet to be finalised) on Automating Your Security.

7.00pm - Refactoring in Ansible - Jez McKinley

Synopsis: Ansible is a relative newcomer to the Configuration Management space. As it has evolved, so have the opportunities to refactor roles to enable code reuse and a clearer, more declarative style. This is an overview of how my code has changed during this process.

Bio: DevOps and Infrastructure Manager for IBCOS computers, the market leader in business management software for agriculture and groundcare dealerships. Introduced to Extreme Programming in 2003, working in agile teams since 2005, was a DevOps engineer before it became a title. A keen archer, hoping that he can share some experience that will hit the mark too.

7.20pm - Working in China: Hurdles Within The Great Firewall - Spencer Stantis

Synopsis: China is the worlds second largest economy and one of the worlds fastest growing economies. China has developed a rapidly growing consumer culture in the past few years and it is currently the fastest growing consumer market and the second largest importer of goods in the world. This is making it increasingly important for companies to develop a strong presence in the country. China's strong control of their internet, often called The Great Firewall, can cause many difficulties in DevOps and automation. I will go over some of these difficulties I have experienced over the past year of working in China as well as some of the solutions we have used to overcome these hurdles.

Bio: Spencer Stantis is a Senior DevOps Engineer at a Servana Managed Services, a local Bournemouth based business that helps our customers deliver high-quality DevOps solutions. Spencer has been working as a DevOps specialist for the past 3 years as well as previously working as a Systems Administrator and IT Manager with nearly a decade of IT experience.

7.40pm - Security and Automation - Andrei Butnaru

Synopsis: Security is a high priority quality when dealing with critical software products. There are not cutting corners in security, We need to understand from a software perspective what are the threats as well as the risk and impacts related. With this talk we want to share our experience dealing with security and how we embraced security in our products using CI pipelines and automation.

  1. Security in Siemens
  2. The dimensions of a software products
  3. Auotmation in security 
  4. CI Pipelines 
  5. Intergrating seurity into CI pipelines
  6. Benefits

Bio: Andrei Butnaru is a Product and Solution Security Intern and a student of Forensic Computing and Security at Bournemouth University. He is passionate about anything related to security, automation, workflow optimization, linux and many, many more. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time with his friends and reads 20th century literature. 

Remember, alongside the obligatory bar tab following the event, our sponsors LinuxRecruit are putting on a shuttle bus to and from the venue so do get in touch to reserve your seat.

As always, we are keen to make this a regular event and are in the process of planning Doxmouth #5 and #6 and are always keen to hear from potential speakers and hosts.

Please RSVP here and we look forward to seeing you on the 9th!

All the best,
The DoxMouth team
(Tony, Dan C, Dan P, Andy, Jorge, Dane)


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