DevOps Exchange Meetup @ Monzo - April 2019

11/04/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

Wow what a night!

This event was one of our favourite ever DOXLONs and it was also the biggest crowd that Monzo has ever had (according to Miles Bryant, Engineer at Monzo).

We had 400 sign-ups for the event, insightful talks from Sonya Moisset, Yitian Xu, Henrique Rodrigues (thanks for the laughs!), a well-received demo from Monzo's very own Chris Evans, 40 large pizzas consumed, 100s of live tweets and an interactive audience with fantastic questions!

Congratulations to Marenza Douglas who won the twitter competition and won 3 DevOps books, courtesy of O’Reilly Media.

O’Reilly has also kindly given us a discount code to share with anyone who is interested in attending the Strata Data Conference, 29th April – 2nd May. 

Code: EXPLUSPC when you register online to receive the Expo Plus pass (worth £149).

 Talk 1: Sonya Moisset, Security Engineer at Pride London

 Title: Keep calm and secure your CI/CD pipeline


Talk 2: Yitian Xu, Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud UK

 Title: Multi-Cloud Enablement


Talk 3: Henrique Rodrigues, Principal DevOps at Direct Line Group (Darwin)

Title: Best practices considered harmful


Talk 4: Chris Evans Platform Team Lead at Monzo

Title: Managing Incidents at Monzo

We thank Monzo Bank for hosting a memorable evening at their stunning offices and LinuxRecruit & SHAPE for sponsoring the event.

Ready or the next one? #DOXLON at River Island Offices, details coming soon! 

We host these events throughout the year and are always looking to grow our community. If you are interested in attending or even contributing knowledge by speaking at our events, please email:

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