DevOps Exchange Meet up - February 2019

28/02/2019   DevOps Exchange Events  

…and we are back!!

On the 12th February, The DevOps Exchange made its return with the first event of 2019! We greeted 361 people, both familiar and new faces, and kick-started the evening with three spectacular talks around Platform Engineering and DevOps.

We started off with Olive Power (Field Engineer at Heptio) who, fresh from their acquisition by VMware, gave us an insight into their recent tooling and how they're going to be affected by the acquisition.

After that, Petros Rizos (SRE Manager at Confluent) explained to us how they are running Kubernetes at scale on multiple cloud providers and how they ended up marrying Kafka and Kubernetes together.


Then finally, going against popular opinion, Vik Bhatti (Head of Infrastructure at Trussle) told us why they are moving away from Kubernetes!


It was an emotional evening, as, after 44 events, our co-organisers Outlyer have decided to take a step back. It was the last time DOXLON stalwart David Gildeh would take the stage! LinuxRecruit would like to personally thank David, Colin and the Outlyer/Dataloop team for being the perfect partners over the last few years, we've enjoyed every minute of it and will miss you. The show must go on, however, and we'll make sure The DevOps Exchange is continued for another 40+ events

We host these events throughout the year and are always looking to grow our community. If you are interested in attending or even contributing knowledge by speaking at our events, please email:

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