DevOps Exchange Bournemouth #6


This week LinuxRecruit hosted the sixth DevOps Exchange Bournemouth meetup, our final Bournemouth event for 2019.

And what an event it was! It was the largest attended to date according to headcount, and it’s great to see the south coast community growing so steadily. We were also pleased to see a number of you tuning into our Twitter Live Stream from home (blatant plug for @TheDoxHub)

 The talks were really high quality, with Keith Watson, Chris Guest and Naveen M J sharing their stories.

Video for Keith & Chris (with a brief intro from our very own Dan Campbell) below;

Keith Watson - Director of DevOps at ADP UK

Keith has worked in IT for over 30 years leading various software development, DevOps and operations teams at IBM, ADP and Ordnance Survey. Keith is now Director of DevOps for ADP UK for the iHCM product and is responsible for promoting continuous delivery and DevOps principles as well as changing the patterns and tools used for build and deployment within development and operations teams.

Title: “What roles should DevOps play in your agile transformation?”

Synopsis: This presentation will use examples from various projects, how using a continuous delivery approach which takes advantage of DevOps tools, patterns and practices as well as cultural change, can unlock the innovation within a company and deliver functional enhancements and other changes to production more frequently and hence enhance mindshare and market share.

Slides from Keith’s presentation can be downloaded here.

Chris Guest - Senior Software Engineer at Condé Nast

Chris is a Cloud Platform Engineer for Condé Nast, ensuring their globally leading digital brands; Wired, Vogue and GQ get the best use from the core platform and CI/CD tooling. In his spare time, he is also an organiser of GDG Reading and enjoys the sense of community it brings. A father, lover of football and cycling. His favourite way to spend time off is on a random wander without a plan enjoying the serendipity it brings. 

Title: "Onboarding with Google CloudRun"

Synopsis: CloudRun is a serverless platform that runs and scales your containers in a fully managed environment. This makes it perfect for hosting simple, stateless applications cost-effectively. To demonstrate this, we’ll build a CodeLabs platform used for on-boarding your team members and new starters into your DevOps culture.

Slides from Chris’s presentation can be downloaded here.

We were also pleased to welcome Naveen, who stepped up to the plate to fill our third speaker slot;

Naveen M R - Founder & Director of XGene Cloud

Naveen has 15 years of software development experience in IOT and Mobile technologies. He primarily worked with Skifta (Qualcomm), Orange Labs and Philips. Naveen is now working on his first venture - a cloud platform that will democratise and accelerate API development. Think of it as Firebase which will also be Open Source.

Title: "Painless database schema migrations"

Synopsis: SQL schema migrations are one of the fundamental bottlenecks to continuous delivery in database-and-backend development. These schema migrations have to be repeatable and reversible so that they can be applied to many environments and rolled back during failures respectively. However, creation of these schema migrations is often riddled with archaic tools. Using XGene Cloud simplifies and automates creation of schema migration scripts with a GUI based tool. We will see a working example with MySQL Database.

Slides from Naveen's presentation can be downloaded here.

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the November weather – it was great to see a combination of familiar and brand new faces (welcome welcome!).

We are already working on dates for early January 2020 and DevOps Exchange Bournemouth #7.

If you’d be interested in attending a future Bournemouth based event, or you’d like to know more about DevOps Exchange events in your local area, join our Meetup network today