DevOps Exchange August - Full Agenda


This month's DOX event features talks from DevOps Solutions consultancy CloudBees and global investment firm, Millennium Management.

We'll also be welcoming a joint talk from Cloud Security company Bridgecrew and technology and strategy firm, Slalom Consulting.

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Check out the packed agenda below:

Christian McHugh, Global Head of Automation @ Millennium Management
"Validation with Saltcheck"

A small tale from the trenches of solving a problem and finding that the real solution was in the tools we had with us, all along.

Christian has been enjoying computer things since having to set jumpers on sound cards to make dos games function. Having scratched itches through various open-source projects, he's done a little bit of everything from infrastructure manager to DevOps leader to organizational improvement leader. He currently works as the Irish Country Manager, and Global Head of Automation for a large hedge fund.

Manuel Schuller, Technical Director @ CloudBees
"Digital transformation towards microservices on multi-cloud: how to remove the anxiety."

Companies are transforming. Transforming towards? Sometimes the answer is “towards complexity, towards anxiety", because we do not know exactly towards *what* we are going. In this anxiety, one can put: managing a growing number of microservices, realizing more frequently, manage multi-clouds.

We will discuss these topics and how anxiety can be removed with the adequate principles and tools.

Manuel is a senior DevOps evangelist, with a 20+ years international experience on both Dev and Ops solutions, in EMEA. With an excellent knowledge of both technologies and markets, he helps people practice DevOps principles in real-world organizations, and achieve results in big DevOps transitions projects, for CloudBees.

Manuel lives between Rome and Paris. He is also ITIL certified and a member of the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), the Italian CDTI (Club Dirigenti Tecnologie dell’Informazione), and SiFPA (Simple Function Point Association).

Barak Schoster Goihman, CTO & VP Engineering, Co-founder @ Bridgecrew & Corcoran Smith, Solution Architect @ Slalom Consulting
"How to write a secured Terraform module"

Planning, provisioning, and changing infrastructure are becoming vital to rapid cloud application development. Incorporating Terraform infrastructure-as-code into software development promotes transparency and agility on cloud development. it can also enable another way of writing security as code. In this talk, we’ll cover some common IaC risks found in the wild. We will write a new Terraform module and will share a way to secure it from common misconfigs in CI/CD pipeline.

A tech-leader and open-source enthusiast based in Tel Aviv, Barak’s passion for software began at the age of 14. Starting with a BSc in Computer Science and MBA in IT, he went on to serve as tech lead of big data engineering at the IDF C4I & Cyber Security Directorate Then continued as data scientist and software architect at Fortscale and RSA Security. In 2019 Barak left RSA and joined the founding team of Bridgecrew, an innovative cloud security company as Co-founder and CTO.


Corcoran is a recovering Microsoft sysadmin, now full AWS fanboi. He’s helped organisations build big data platforms, migrate massive monolithic e-commerce platforms and build secure landing zones on AWS. He thoroughly enjoys automating himself out of a job, and helping teams and orgs deliver value faster, in a secure fashion as possible. Corcoran is a Solution Architect with Slalom, a Seattle-based consultancy with offices in 35 locations including London and Manchester.

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