DevOps Exchange 50th Meetup - October - RW Tech. Festival


The DevOps Exchange partnered with RW Tech Festival to celebrate a huge milestone for DoxLon and all our members - our 50th Meetup Event!

A special thanks to our speakers from FiveAI, Bulb and Red Bee Media for joining us at Printworks and discussing all things DevOps, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Below are the videos, presentations, and code for those who couldn’t make it…

Andy Cowley @ FiveAi
From Cars to Keyboards - DevOps at an Autonomous Vehicles Company

We kicked off the event with a talk from Andy, an Infrastructure Engineer from FiveAi.

FiveAi is a company developing software that will power shared, self-driving vehicles in Europe. They believe autonomous vehicles will be safer, quicker, greener, cheaper and more accessible, and are working with the latest tech to make this vision a reality.

Andy told us all about how FiveAi has embraced DevOps as a culture and how, by integrating more across the different engineering teams, it allows FiveAi to iterate faster and more effectively.

Here he talks about the process and impact of adopting a DevOps infrastructure, common issues faced and how to overcome “blockers”. He also managed to squeeze in an excellent Sean Bean Meme (fun to see, fun to say). 

Watch now:

Next up was Tom Hipwell @ Bulb
Using Terraform and CircleCI for the continuous delivery of cloud infrastructure.

Tom is a Principal Engineer at Bulb, the start-up that is disrupting the UK’s energy market by focussing on powering our homes with affordable, renewable energy. They’re my energy provider already so they must be doing something right...

Bulb is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK, and we were excited to hear from Tom about his work leading the build-out of Bulb’s billing platform - key to the company’s ability to launch internationally. 

Tom’s presentation slides were short and sweet, instead utilising his time to focus on discussing using Terraform and CircleCI for the continuous delivery of cloud infrastructure. He treated us all to live demonstrations of open-sourced Terraform code. 

Tom is keen for you to check it out for yourselves, and the code featured can be found, well documented, on his GitHub here.

To watch him do his thing, and hear his commentary, check out the video from the event:

We had a short break for our 200 attendees to devour 35 pizzas. We then settled back down for our third and final talk of the evening.

Paul Markham @ Red Bee Media
“Doing some Serverless” in TV

With over 20 years working in TV and Radio technology, Paul was best placed to talk us through the work of Red Bee Media and a serverless solution case study he kindly shared. Red Bee Media manages logistics for broadcasters - from processing of media and video, to subtitles and audio descriptions.

Every year, they deliver more than 2.7 million hours of programming in more than 60 languages for nearly 500 TV channels. If you’ve watched TV at all in the last ten years, chances are you’ve consumed some of Red Bee Media’s product (and if you haven’t watched TV in the last 10 years, you’ve missed a LOT - GoT, Handmaid’s Tale, Breaking Bad??).

Paul used some of our favorite TV shows to tell the story of how a major UK Broadcaster had an esoteric requirement to meet in a limited amount of time, and how Red Bee Media deployed an AWS Lambda based platform to meet their needs.

For confidentiality and simplicity reasons, Paul gave us a slightly censored version of the case study. He was candid about learnings from the project, discussing the merits and suitability of S3 Select over DynamoDB for their client’s needs, and how he might have built the solution differently should they do it again. 

Interestingly, Paul mentioned the importance of user interface and how some organisations aren’t quite entirely ready for the Serverless experience. What do you think?

We finished off the event with drinks, networking and of course, cake.


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