DevOps Exchange - Virtual Event ft Synthace, Container Solutions, HSBC


DevOps Exchange is back with our second event this month, on Thursday the 18th June.

Full Agenda below - RSVP today to your local Meetup to have access to the event (London, Barcelona, ManchesterEdinburghBournemouth).

As a global community, we wanted to include a slightly more accessible event, and as we're all still working remotely, we wanted to try out a lunchtime start.

We'll, therefore, be starting at 12:30pm BST for this virtual Meetup.

We'll be joined by speakers from Synthace, a company at the forefront of scientific technology, tier one Investment bank, HSBC and Container Solutions, the specialists in Cloud Native Transformations.

3 x 20 minute talks starting at 12:30pm sharp. Again it's BOYB and BOYP(izza)!

Ádám Sándor, Cloud Native Architect @ Container Solutions

How GitOps changes everything in CI/CD

Synopsis: In the past years of Cloud Native conquering the world, implementing CI/CD remained surprisingly difficult. Docker and Kubernetes helped solve some problems but created others and don’t provide a tight recipe for delivering applications in an efficient and developer-friendly way. That is changing with the GitOps pattern getting adopted as the centerpiece of the CD process. It’s a deceptively simple idea, which nevertheless has far-reaching consequences for how we design and think about our software delivery pipelines. This talk will show how GitOps provides a better interface for development teams to define their environments, and what do Custom Resources and Operators have to do with all of it. Most of it is tool agnostic (only relying on Kubernetes), but I will show how tools like Helm, JenkinsX or ArgoCD fit into the picture.

Adam is a Cloud Native Architect based in Amsterdam, working at Container Solutions. With a background in application development, he is passionate about CI/CD and generally using Cloud Native technologies to improve software delivery. He recently finished a project building a Cloud Native enterprise-scale CI/CD platform.

Gabriel Cismondi, Technology Lead & Lead Architect @ HSBC

Compliance VS Velocity in the enterprise

Risk mitigation and compliance are among the biggest concerns in the "Enterprise World". Velocity, on the other hand, hasn't been considered until very recent times. So what's more important? Can compliance and velocity live together in hyper-regulated environments? I'll share some takeaways of a journey that's far from ending.

Gabriel has worked in the IT/software space for more than a decade and many years in the "cloud space". He joined HSBC as a lead architect to help to smooth the transition to the cloud after having worked in fast-paced startups, with the hope of bringing some innovation and contribute to the technology-driven change going on in the organisation.

Alessandro De Maria, Head of SRE @ Synthace & Kapitan Cofounder

Unveiling Tesoro: Simplified secrets management in Kubernetes with Kapitan and Tesoro

Tesoro ( is a new Kubernetes admission controller webook that allows you to simplify the management of secrets. It supports all types of Kapitan secrets backends: AWS KMS, GCP KMS, Vault with more coming up.

Paired with the Kubernetes manifest generator, it allows you to quickly deploy anything you want without using templates or charts.

Alessandro is Head of SRE at Synthace, an exciting SaaS start-up building Antha - software that simplifies automation in Biological research and revolutionises the way experiments are run.
Before Synthace, Alessandro was working at DeepMind since before the Google acquisition and was leading the DevOps team involved with the DeepMind Health Project.

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