DevOps Exchange - September Edition


DevOps Exchange September brought together three knowledgable speakers to discuss three very different DevOps topics. 

We're starting to miss actually setting up a venue and meeting everyone in person but those days will definitely be back. For now, we forge ahead with our online, virtual events - bringing conference grade talks to our global community.

This September, we discussed GitOps, Cloud Native infrastructures and the different approaches that can be taken for monitoring Ethereum networks.

Please see below recordings from the evening, as well as presentations and links for the topics discussed. 

Steven Wade, Independent Kubernetes Consultant & Trainer
The Unanswerable Question

You can download Steve's presentation here.

"When Steve arrived at Mettle he was asked a question by senior management which he and his team could not answer. This talk will explain how GitOps has enabled them to be able to answer it. Steve will talk about the lessons learnt along the way, the tooling and processes he has helped put in place and what is left to do to complete the journey."

Steve Wade has most recently managed the Platform Team at Mettle in London. Prior to his current role, Steve was Principal Kubernetes Consultant at Apprenda providing Kubernetes training and implementation services. Steve has served in technology leadership roles across multiple verticals including real estate, gaming, and the UK parliament.
Steve has a BSc in Computer Science from Portsmouth University and is passionate about cloud-native software development and distributed computing

Carlos Horowicz, CEO/CTO and Cofounder @ Planisys
Monitoring private permissioned Ethereum networks with Influx, Grafana, Prometheus and Websockets

Download Carlos' presentation here.

"This presentation is about the different approaches to monitor Ethereum networks, how to enrich TSDB metrics beyond those that are exported out-of-the-box by Ethereum client software, and how to gain a deeper insight of the network’s functioning.

In the case of Alastria, a non-profit association in Spain to promote Digital Economy in Europe, a monitoring solution has to be crafted with +140 Ethereum nodes already in place. Alastria runs private permissioned blockchains based on JPMorgan’s Quorum and Hyperledger Besu.I will show what has been done so far to gather and display metrics and alerts, and showcase the different monitoring approaches, within a scenario of nodes owned by different member organizations, both on-premise and in public clouds."

Martyn Coupland, Senior Azure Consultant @ Ensono
Cloud Native for IT Pros

Download Martyn's presentation here.

"With lots of talk at the minute around containers and serverless, we take a look at the cloud-native landscape and look at how IT Pros can adapt to this new technology as we move away from traditional compute workloads. We also look at resources you can use to further your career with cloud-native."
Martyn has been in technology all of his working life and has worked in various industries in a number of roles from a Service Desk Analyst, programmer, Systems Engineer, Consultant, Architect and Senior Manager.

He is currently a Senior Azure Consultant with Ensono in the USA. Martyn works with clients on their Microsoft Azure deployments, working on creative solutions to unleash the power of cloud for clients and speaking to them about the adoption of DevOps.

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