DevOps Exchange - Manchester


We are pleased to report that our DevOps Exchange Manchester launch was a resounding success! Almost 100 people braved the December weather and made their way to Barclays Eagle Labs for an evening of talks from BJSS, Auto Trader UK and Jaguar Land Rover. 

It was a full house!

Our guest speakers were terrific - DevOps Exchange Manchester heard from:

Jason Hughes, Principle SRE, Jaguar Land Rover discussing how (and why) to migrate from PCF to Kubernetes. 
The fast growth of JLRs Digital Delivery Center (DDC) demands a robust and scalable platform with the potential to scale globally without delay. This talk will cover the demands of the DDC and how the SRE team have met these challenges.

You can find a copy of Jason's presentation here.

Dave Whyte, Operations Leader at AutoTrader treated members to a live demo of Auto Trader's DevOps Tooling.
Auto Trader is the largest digital automotive marketplace in the UK. Over the last 15 years, Dave has played a key part in continually evolving the IT Operations department which has resulted in enviable levels of stability, availability and performance. Dave will carry out a live demo, showcasing some of the DevOps tools used at Auto Trader, including their new ‘Platform Dashboard’ which utilises data from Kubernetes / Istio Service Mesh. 

You can find a copy of Dave's presentation here. 

James Young, Cloud Consultant, BJSS sparked some very interesting conversations with his Introduction to Pulumi.
Pulumi - an open source cloud development platform with a difference. A programming model that allows you to use real programming languages. James will introduce and discuss Pulumi as a viable tool for provisioning cloud infrastructure.

You can find a copy of James' presentation here.

The event was broadcast live from our Twitter @TheDoxHub

We are so pleased Manchester embraced the DevOps Exchange and the feedback from attendees has been brilliant. If you'd like to feedback on the event, make a suggestion for host venues, or nominate yourself (or someone else) as a speaker - please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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