DevOps Exchange - London January 2020


After an incredible subscription rate of 400+ attendees to the 2020 DOXLON Launch, DevOps Exchange was compelled to get creative and split the event across two venues; the Worldpay HQ and LinuxRecruit HQ. 

The overwhelmingly positive response was no doubt due to the high calibre of speakers lined up for this January event. We heard from Mark Knoop, SRE Practice Lead at Worldpay and Slava Kalmykov, Senior Software Engineer at Spotify. 

Mark Knoop - "100 days of SRE"

Drawing on 10 years of experience managing DevOps teams in various guises at Net-A-Porter, seeing them through a period of rapid growth and significant organisational change, Mark joined Worldpay to set up a new SRE function within the New Acquiring Platform team.

You can't hear the word 'Payments' without thinking 'Worldpay'. As you can imagine, they process millions of card transactions every day including an incredibly large % of the UK high street.

Mark discussed how Worldpay went about setting up a brand new SRE function within the New Acquiring Platform team, ready to embark on the next phase evolution to a scalable cloud-based platform based around open source technologies.

You can see his full talk below, and find copies of the slides here.

We were also joined by Slava Kalymykov, Senior Software Engineer, Spotify who flew in from Sweden to address the two crowds eager to hear about Continuous Delivery at the online streaming giant. 

Slava Kalmykov - "Continous Delivery at Spotify"

Slava has been with Spotify since 2018, working primarily on Spotify Connect. 

At Spotify, each team is responsible for their own Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and deploy dozens of times per day. In his talk, Slava discussed how this model works at a scale of 100+ dev teams, how they maintain great service availability and still deliver quickly.

He went through in detail, the workflows and practices Spotify have adapted over time to help make their Continuous Delivery as smooth, as automatic, and as safe as possible.

You can see the full talk below and download the accompanying slides here. 

Once each venue had heard from both speakers we joined forces at the CandleMaker in Cannon Street to continue the discussions. Mark and Slava kindly joined us all for a drink and continued fielding questions late into the evening. 

It was an incredible evening for the DevOps Exchange, highlighting just how much we have grown since our first event in 2014. With almost 500 RSVPs for the event, it is now time for the DOXLON community to start looking for larger venues for our Meetups.

If you have any venue suggestions or would be interested in hosting a future event (bearing in mind the attendee numbers!), please do get in touch -

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