DevOps Exchange - Lockdown Special with AWS, Google and Red Hat


After the success of our first Virtual Event, we are pleased to announce the 2nd DOX Lockdown Meetup. And this one is not to be missed...

On May 21st we will be joined by speakers from technology leaders Red Hat, AWS and Google. They will be giving us their expertise on areas such as Service Mesh with Istio, Migrating Applications to Serverless and the Kapitan configuration templating tool.

Full Agenda below - RSVP today to your local Meetup to have access to the event (London, Barcelona, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bournemouth).

We have a 500 capacity on Zoom so register as soon as you can.

Alex Soto - Director of Development Experience @ Red Hat
Istio Service Mesh & pragmatic microservices architecture

As we start to go toward cloud-native infrastructure and build our applications out of microservices, we must fully face the drawbacks and challenges to doing so. Some of these challenges include how to consistently monitor and collect statistics, tracing, and another telemetry, how to add resiliency in the face of unexpected failure, how to do powerful feature routing and much more.

Istio and service mesh in general help developers solve this in a non-invasive way.

In this session, we’ll show how you can take advantage of these capabilities in an incremental way. We expect most developers haven’t adequately solved these issues, so we’ll take it to step by step and build up a strong understanding of Istio, how to get quick wins, and harness its power in your production services architecture.

Alex is the co-author of Testing Java Microservices & Quarkus cookbook books and contributor of several open-source projects. A Java Champion since 2017, international speaker and teacher at Salle URL University, he has talked about new testing techniques for microservices and continuous delivery in the 21st century.

Marcia Villalba - Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services
Migrating existing applications to serverless

You want to migrate your existing application to serverless and you don’t know where to start. This is a common problem that a lot of Architects, CTOs and Developers have, as it is very rare that we start a project from a Greenfield.

This talk will walk through different strategies to migrate an existing application to serverless. We'll look at known architectures existing challenges in applications and how we can overcome them with serverless. I'll share what I learnt when working on the migration of an existing microservices application into serverless.

Marcia is a developer advocate for AWS and the host of FooBar, a Youtube channel, where she publishes content every week, related to serverless and the cloud.

She has been designing and developing software professionally for 15 years and worked in all the different stages of building scaling and performant software. She has deep knowledge of building applications in the cloud and using DevOps processes.

Paul Sarbinowski - SRE-SWE @ Google
Kapitan - Templating Kubernetes, Terraform and more

This talk will cover an intro to Kapitan, a versatile configuration templating tool written in python. Kapitan can be used to template YAML, JSON and more types of configs to allow easily building complex/hierarchical infrastructure with as much re-usability as possible. As a bonus, it also handles transparent secrets generation and deployment so that your entire infrastructure as code can be in a coherent single repository.

Paul is an SRE-SWE in Google, working on infrastructure on top of GCP. Huge security enthusiast and fan of automation in everything.

With a 500 cap on attendees for our virtual events - we'd urge you all to register today!

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