DevOps Exchange - February


February's DevOps Exchange brought a mix of culture and technology. Kubernetes, Microservices and Opentracing were covered along with the very important and under-discussed subject of happiness at work, and the knock-on effect of this when creating a high performing team.

ITV ('s Tom Clark has built one of the highest performing Platform Engineering functions in London, and he shared his secret magic formula with the DOXLON crowd.

Richard Marshall gave us Wealth Wizards ( journey from Monolith to Microservices, with Kubernetes at the core, and Improbable's ( Scott Henderson showed us how they have adopted OpenTracing to all services.

Talk 1: Tom Clark ( - Head of Common Platform @ ITV
Are you happy at work?

For many, being part of a “high performing team" can help, but sadly there is no magic formula a team can apply to become “high performing”… Or is there?

In this talk, Tom shared his theory that high performance is an emergent property of three factors: environment, people and leadership. Blend those correctly and high performance follows as a side-effect… Almost like magic

Talk 2: Richard Marshall ( Head of Platform @ Wealth Wizards

Life with Kube, warts’n’all
How we have found life, working with Kubrnetes and Microservices over the past 18 months." Most of us (at Wealth-Wizards) here have spent the last 10 years working in a LAMP-ish environment with monolithic apps, configuration management, etc. How have we found the transition to microservices and orchestration and what has that meant for the usual problem like patch management, deployments, monitoring, etc.

Talk 3: Yifan Zhao ( - Tech Lead @ Improbable
OpenTracing: An Improbable series of events

This talk took us through how we brought OpenTracing to all services that run in Improbable's infrastructure, tracing everything from grpc & http request to backend DB calls. We will also walk through how we used OpenTracing to gain a better understanding of our own system and to identify bottlenecks within it.