DevOps Exchange - Digital / Challenger Banking Edition


We had another hugely successfull DevOps event this month - taking place at Sainsbury's Digital Headquarters in Holborn.

Two of the leading powerhouses driving forward Digital Banking and challenging the Financial status quo joined us at the DevOps Exchange this month. We were also joined by one of the top 10 Up and Coming Fintechs for 2019, Coconut.

Here are the videos for those who missed this event:

Suhail Patel @ Monzo
Using Envoy as a Service Proxy

The service mesh space has evolved quite significantly over the last few years, with entrants such as Envoy Proxy, Istio and Linkerd2 and more, all with diverse feature-sets. The goal is to make the network transparent to applications by abstracting it away in an out of process system. This reduces complexity of applications and abstracts important things such as load balancing, service discovery and circuit breaking into service proxies.

In this talk, we went over the use-cases of a service mesh and introduce Envoy Proxy to describe the role it can play to help make your systems more resilient.

Suhail is a Backend Engineer at Monzo focused on working on the Core Platform. His role involves building and maintaining Monzo’s infrastructure which more than 1,000 microservices and leverages key infrastructure components like Kubernetes, Envoy Proxy, Cassandra, Etcd and more. He focuses specifically in investigating deviant behaviour and ensuring services continue to work reliably in the face of a constantly shifting environment in the cloud.

Matt Canty @ Tandem Bank
Tandem’s Infrastructure Pipeline

Tandem Bank migrated from on-premises to AWS last year over a 10-month project. During this time we went from pets to cattle, change request to pull request and weekly to within-the-hour changes. We shared how our infrastructure pipeline is the backbone to these improvements and how it continues to evolve.

Matt joined Tandem over 4 years ago as one of the first members of staff as a back-end developer and started pushing the company to adopt DevOps practices early on. He eventually joined the Platform team before they began the infrastructure migration project.

Allistair Crossley @ Coconut
Coconut's Technology Story 1.5 Years On, In a Nutshell

Coconut's January 2018 MVP platform was built and managed by its CTO over the course of 7 months. This talk was an honest trip down memory lane highlighting some of the hard (architecture, frameworks, ops, security) and interesting (Terraform, Ansible, Lambda serverless) technology and infrastructure choices that had to be made to get to market quickly but also reliably and securely. Allistair reflected on what has worked well, what could have been better and which choices he'd make if starting over, before ending with a quick look at some of the current infrastructure work and plans for the future.

Allistair joined Coconut in May 2017 as its CTO and first employee. Tasked first with building the platform MVP launched early 2018 he now manages an engineering team, works closely with product on roadmapping and process, still works hands-on in the code and closely with ops, ensures we are thinking about the right things from a technology standpoint whilst working with the co-founders on running the general business.

A special thanks to the Sainsbury's team for hosting #DOXLON this month!

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