DevOps Exchange - DOXLON November 2019


Last Thursday, the DevOps Exchange ran two events simultaneously at two very different locations; Depop and Stack Overflow. 
Members were asked to choose their preferred venue, whilst the speakers kindly agreed to deliver their talks twice, once to each audience (complete with a half time swap over whilst everyone enjoyed their pizza!). 

We were joined by; 

Dean Ward, Software Developer at Stack Overflow discussing "Building Stack Overflow for Teams: Scaling for extreme multi-tenancy"
A brief tour of how Stack Overflow's monolithic codebase and architecture scales to hundreds of thousands of tenants.

You can see his full talk here:

You can find a copy of Dean's presentation here.

Will Hall - DevOps Consultant and GitLab Hero, then talked us through "Gitlab, Terraform & AWS; The Perfect Combinations" complete with demo. 
GitLab provides the perfect platform for managing code, CI and containers from development to production. Terraform is the defacto champion of Infrastructure as Code and provisioning. AWS is the leader in Infrastructure as a Service. In this talk, I will introduce the audience to a complete pipeline to build and transfer applications from GitLab to AWS using Terraform, GitLab CI and a whole range of other internal GitLab tools.

You can find Will's slides here and additional materials here.

Richard Clark, Head of Engineering, Depop kept us all amused with his unique take on "Orchestrating Gender Equality"
The Gang Solves the Gender Diversity Problem

You can find
Richard's presentation here and the code used here.

Finally, we were treated to a behind the scenes at Wealth Wizards, with Ionut Craciunescu, Lead Platform Engineer, talking through the company's adoption of AWS Cognito. 

"AWS Cognito - A Serverless Authentication System"
Maybe AWS Cognito does not get as much attention as more known serverless services like Lambda or API Gateway, but it's a great service nevertheless. This talk will go over why at Wealth Wizards we chose to adopt AWS Cognito replacing an in house developed service, what features Cognito has, how we use it for SSO between Office365 and the apps we develop, deployment using Terraform and how our journey looks so far.

You can find a copy of
Ionut's slides here and additional materials here

We finished up off the evening at a nearby bar, Finch's, continuing the conversation around what it means to be practitioners of "DevOps", and discussing potential locations for new, DevOps Exchange communities. Cities such a Berlin, Amsterdam and Sofia were all mentioned by members of the DOX community and we are looking forward to exploring these options in future. STAY TUNED!

If you would be interested in becoming a speaker or would like to suggest a new location for the DevOps Exchange - please visit