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The DevOps Exchange had yet another successful Meetup this month - taking place at The Telegraphs Headquarters in Victoria.

A special thanks to The Telepgraph's team for hosting #DOXLON this month.

Below are the videos from the event for all those that missed out!

William Louth - 'Thaumaturgist' @ Instana
Observability in Context

This talk discussed the impact of increasing levels of complexity and rate of change in the effective monitoring and management of distributed systems. A theoretical overview of our shared perspective and vision on observability was given as well as how it fits into other processes such as monitoring and controllability. It explored new ways of thinking about production environments, taking inspiration from complexity theory, systems thinking, as well as behavioral intelligence. It was a tour de force on observability and monitoring for the future.

William is a renowned software engineer with expertise in self-adaptive software runtimes, adaptive control, self-regulation, resilience engineering, software simulation & mirroring as well as performance measurement and optimization.

Ionut Craciunescu - Lead Platform Engineer @ Wealth Wizards
Unblocking the release train with ISTIO Traffic Management

Unblocking the Release Train with Istio Traffic Management Wealth Wizards employs a microservice architecture, with each service being actively developed. As soon as a change is in the mainline it’s on the release train and any subsequent changes traditionally ended up in a queue. If that change has a delay, then all subsequent changes get stuck and then have to be released together. There are many ways to try and avoid these problems, but one way is to stop items getting on the release train until it's ready. Istio does many things, but the traffic management functionality is the key to this solution. It allows traffic to be routed to different versions of the same service. The Wealth Wizards implementation will route all traffic to the mainline or master version of a service by default. However, if the hostname includes a version prefix then it will route traffic to the corresponding version of the service, if it exists.

Ionut is Lead Platform Engineer at Wealth Wizards. Having designed and run a wide variety of infrastructure environments, he enjoys using his skills to solve platform issues improving end to end processes. Wealth Wizards is a UK financial advice company, they are leading the way in providing automated financial advice in a highly regulated industry. Wealth Wizards runs a microservice system on Kubernetes.

Alex Chircop - Founder and CTO @ StorageOS
Understanding the Cloud Native Storage Landscape

In this talk, Alex covered cloud native storage technologies and how they fit in orchestrated workloads. He covered topics including block stores, fileystems, object stores, key-value stores and databases, amongst others. The different architectural approaches and designs were compared in terms of key attributes like availability, scalability, performance, data consistency, durability, fault tolerance, ease of development and operational complexity.

More info is available in the CNCF Storage Landscape Whitepaper which is available at the CNCF Storage SIG page:

Alex is a founder and CTO of StorageOS, building software defined solutions for cloud native environments. Alex is also a co-chair of the CNCF Storage SIG. Before embarking on the startup adventure he spent over 25 years engineering infrastructure platforms for companies like Nomura and Goldman Sachs.

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