DevOps Exchange @ Tech. in Retail Conference


In September, The Worlds biggest DevOps Meetup meets The Worlds biggest Technology conference for the Retail Sector! 

We have a treat for all DevOps Exchange members this month and have kindly been given the stage following Day 1 of the Tech. conference, brought to you by Retail Week and World Retail Congress and being held at the awesome Printworks location. 

The two day conference will be attended by 2,500 people from 800 companies with over 180 talks. As a DevOps Exchange member, we also have a discount code for the event. Further details on the conference and discount code are below. 

We'll have the usual drinks and refreshments, with the format of 3 x 20 minute talks, all of which are focused on DevOps into retail organisations. It's one of our strongest line ups to date with talks on Infrastructure as Code, Serverless Technology and Kubernetes in the Enterprise, all from retail organisations. 

Tech. is the most important two-day festival of digital retailing and the technology driving it. It is the only event where retailers, tech suppliers, start-ups, investors and analysts join forces to work out how they will not only survive the digital revolution, but nail it. At Tech. the most disruptive thinkers are put under the spotlight - from the companies that are revolutionising their industries, to the tech firms creating the most innovative of products.

The DevOps Exchange will be running from 6:30pm - 9pm on Wednesday the 12th with an opportunity to continue the discussion after the talks have concluded. 


Talk 1 - Marcin Wyszynski at Deliveroo 

Lessons in scaling infrastructure-as-code

At Deliveroo, we use infrastructure-as-code approach to manage our cloud. Overall it's been a very positive experience, but we also made a few mistakes - especially regarding scaling the solution. This short talk will go through some of our learnings from navigating these uncharted waters.

Marcin is currently a Release Engineer at Deliveroo. Over the last year, he was responsible for the tooling side of massive migration to AWS cloud. When not helping fellow engineers to ship their code, he spends time cycling and playing with his kids.

Talk 2 - Marek Fengler  and Chris Cooke at Sainsbury's

Live well for less with Serverless 

Among running a BigData platform and the challenges that come with it, one of the things we do here is to enable the DataScience teams to deliver and run algorithms into production systems, based on the data we have, scalable environments, reducing operational cost, giving more freedom to the development teams, reducing dependencies between various team members, make developers focus more on algorithms and become self sufficient. We’ve moved away from a classic model of running instances and large infrastructure on EC2 towards a light Serverless architecture.

Talk 3 - Callum Anderson at Yoox Net-A-Porter

How we introduced Kubernetes in the enterprise

Bringing new technologies into an enterprise environment is always tricky. At Yoox-Net-A-Porter we recently introduced Kubernetes, and it’s now powering the non-production environments of some of our critical web-apps. In this talk, we will go through the approach we took and the lessons learned from this experience.

Callum is the CI manager at Yoox-Net-A-Porter. He leads a global team creating the tooling and infrastructure that allows developers to ship new features at speed.

For tickets to the conference please see here and use Discount code for DevOps Exchange members: DEVOPS18 

We look forward to another great event! 

The Doxlon Team
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