DOXNYC Special ft. Google, RMS & CartaX


DevOps Exchange trialled the brand new time of 5:30pm EST, especially for our DOXNYC special. 

We were joined by leaders in SRE and Security from RMS, CartaX and Google to discuss the need for security champions, the importance of Developer Experience and to learn more about the custom Borg solutions behind the scenes at Google. 

A huge thank you to our engaging and insightful speakers, and to all members of our DOXNYC community that tuned in. The presentations and recording are available to everyone and you can check them out below:

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Rick Payne, Staff Security Engineer @ RMS

"Security Champions – Open the Floodgates!"

Synopsis: Are you DevOps’ing all the things? Culture? Yep. Cool toolchain? Sure! Shipping your code and product with quickness? You know it! The industry concern; however, is you may be delivering more vulnerabilities than features! Perhaps some plain-text secrets committed in code? Maybe some critical vulnerabilities in outdated AMIs? And surely an excessively permissive Administrator IAM role to make a few simple API calls!? If you’re nodding and/or shaking your head to any of these, focusing resources on reducing your deployment frequency is also reducing your time-to-compromise.

This talk is to raise awareness of security-focused improvements that you can make today. We’ll discuss ways to get the security monkey off your back by mapping your strengths to compliance controls such as Blue/Green deploys to Disaster Recovery, security responsibilities you didn’t know you had, a live demo!?...and a 4 tier DevOps security maturity model: DevOps -> DevOpsSec -> DevSecOps -> SecDevOps.

Rick Payne is a Principal Information Security Engineer at RMS. He’s been to the bottom of the security ocean achieving 10+ federal security authorizations, around the world on his global, multi-cloud, heterogeneous imaging and patching services, and stays in the community through advisory boards, CyberCamps, and security conferences. Since earning his MSc in 2020, he’s all in on sharing DevSecOps with anyone who has ears!

Visit Rick's GitHub for slides and more here. 

Mario Loria, Senior SRE, CartaX

"The Dawn of Developer Experience"

We've forgotten about the reason we're here. The people who make our job possible. The engineers we all hate supporting, love impressing, and generally disregard in our daily grind. But with the plethora of new tools and new ideologies, both DevOps teams and their leaders are realizing the importance of optimizing for the Developer Experience.

This talk will dive head-first into what DevEx is, the problems it solves, and how you can start now, adopting practices that empower every engineer, not just DevOps-focused ones. A whirlwind review of the industry statue in regards to tooling, integrations, and workflows will provide insights for what's next in DevEx. Attendees will realize a fundamental shift left in organizational focus allowing for more confident employees who spend less time in turmoil and more time delivering.

Mario Loria is an SRE orchestrating Kubernetes at CartaX. He's passionate about helping advance Cloud-Native technologies and the wider DevOps/SRE community. Lately, Mario has become deeply interested in Developer Experience trying to harness its applicability in a variety of scenarios and articulate its implementation to the masses.

Download Mario's Presentation here. 

Bill Walker, Site Reliability Manager, Google

"Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg and Kubernetes"

In this talk, Bill will cover types of workloads in the Google datacenter, warehouse-scale computing, Borg and Borg architecture. Bill will also compare how these features map to Kubernetes.

Bill Walker has worked in software since moving to California in 1994. While working at Apple's research division, Xerox PARC, Reactivity, and Cisco, he became increasingly passionate about software process, automated testing, and helping prototypes turn into products. At Mozilla, he managed teams working on the mobile web. Since 2017, Bill has worked in SRE at Google, operating critical infrastructure for Google Cloud Platform. Bill holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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