Case Study: Raising Our Client's Community Profile

01/02/2017   Case Studies  

How we helped our client tell their Platform Transformation Story.

The Brief

We partnered with a large multi-national organisation who was shaking up the way they approached their infrastructure.

The ambition? Build a PaaS using cutting edge tools like Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform, leveraging multiple cloud platforms to allow them to continuously deploy applications across the globe.

What they were looking for was a Lead Engineer to champion this transformation. The kind of person they needed had to have the right mix of cutting edge technology, but also the right mindset, with real ability to sell solutions and change cultural beliefs.

Our Strategy

We set off talking to people in our network who might be a good fit, but after a few initial conversations, it was clear that potential candidates didn’t know much about the organisation, and didn’t see them as a technological innovator.

So we sat down with the hiring team and explained what we were finding - it was not that the role wasn’t interesting, but the kind of person they need would have a lot of options from well-known cutting edge organisations. We suggested they could benefit from some increased exposure in the community to raise their profile, and showcase what the organisation were doing, and how they were stepping up to really become a technological innovator.

We invited their Director Of Engineering to speak at our DevOps Exchange event, where he gave a talk on starting from ‘Ground Zero’. His honesty, combined with his vision for the future was very well received. We also worked to spread this message to our network and used it as a tool to really sell the organisation when discussing the role.

The Result

Through this, we were able to engage with some really interesting engineers who were intrigued by the ambition of the transformation, and we were able to find a great candidate who fit all the requirements and was excited by the organisation’s ambitions.

After interviewing, he was offered the role, which he happily accepted. Following this appointment, we remain a close partner to the team, and we have since found four additional Kubernetes specialists to support them as they continue their growth.

A year later, the organisation has gone from starting from 'Ground Zero', to being a flagship global project for the Kubernetes community. We invited them back to the DevOps Exchange to talk about their work over the last twelve months - they've been able to really transform their infrastructure, and we are looking forward to continue to partner with them to grow their team and help them continue to grow their reputation as a technological innovator.

What they said:

"What differentiates LinuxRecruit from other agencies for me is their investment in the communities they are looking to source from. In the IT and DevOps space, many recruiters have picked up the standard behaviours of community meetups to further their own aims. LinuxRecruit took it one step further by committing 100% to funding and enabling a community with no expectation of return. World class talent agencies identify themselves as groups that passively invest in the spaces they are looking to support."

"Tony's team is a refreshing change from this and a delight to work with. They take the time to understand my business, the culture and vision for what we are trying to achieve, as well as the required skills. They have amassed a strong degree of experienced by being focused on the kinds of roles they source for and their ability to screen and filter talent on my behalf is a huge time saving for me. Their success rate for placements is very high and they take feedback on how to refine the search onboard quickly. In some cases they will proactively come back to me with possible changes to the spec to open up access to talent we may otherwise have excluded. I trust them implicitly to represent my goals and company vision with their clients and give a strong representation of the employment opportunities we offer."

If we can help you to raise your profile in the Linux and Open Source community, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.