Case Study: Campaigning For Flexibility

01/02/2017   Case Studies  

How we helped an outstanding engineer find a great role with the flexibility he needed.

The Brief

We were approached by a well-known figure in the European DevOps community, who we’d previously worked with extensively when he was a hiring manager to fill a number of business critical roles. We had also developed a closer relationship through DOXLON, where he is a regular attendee. So when he decided the time was right to look for a new challenge, he came to us.

However, he had some specific requirements - he needed to continue to manage his own growing business two days a week, and he also needed to be able to split his time between London and Spain. He was also looking for a senior position where he would have the scope to manage a team, and lead strategic direction, and there are necessarily fewer roles at this senior level. These requirements combined meant that we had to take a strategic approach to ensure we could find the right kind of opportunity for our candidate.

Our Strategy

We started off by considering some of the companies we work with who were currently looking to hire at a lead level, and focused initially on a client who were looking for a DevOps Engineer to lead a huge project moving critical applications from Windows platforms to Linux, with the goal of building a truly world class application and infrastructure platform. As a business critical role, the right candidate needed to be a hands-on technical expert with the vision to help transform their infrastructure, and champion Linux as the top choice for their business applications.

Our candidate was a great match technically for the role, and we felt he was a perfect fit, but they were focused on finding someone who would work from their London offices five days a week and so were reluctant to consider him. We spent time discussing how the candidate could add real value to their operations, using examples of his work and experience, as well as talking about the success of some of our other remote placements.

The Result

Having worked with us for a long time, the organisation agreed to move forward and meet our candidate, despite their reservations. We spent some time with the candidate to advise him on how best to position his skills to optimally demonstrate his fit for the role, and how to come back well on questions around his working arrangements through the interview process. After a conversation, both sides were keen to move forward, and our candidate went on to accept a great offer that suited his needs perfectly.

We've continued to work with him and the organisation to find them additional engineering support as they have successfully made the huge transition from Windows to Linux, and he is working proof that remote and flexible working conditions are a great tool for organisations to find the talent they need.

What our candidate said:

"Working with LinuxRecruit through several processes already, I am testimony of their high level of dedication and professionalism, which brings results of the highest quality. LinuxRecruit not only finds very good opportunities but also gives plenty of information about what is expected, the timelines and fast feedback. Simply world class!”

If you'd like to find out more about how flexible work environments can impact your hiring strategies, or if you're looking for a new role that can offer this flexibility, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.