Training Course: Engineering Ansible

01/10/2016   Training Courses  

Learn the core engineering elements of the Ansible configuration management and orchestration tool

This practical workshop will take engineers from a basic level of Ansible knowledge up to a level suitable for managing live infrastructure.

The course begins with an optional day covering the basic concepts of Playbooks, plays and tasks. The second day is focused on more complex language constructs and development practises.

Taking its queue from agile engineering environments, this practical workshops will ask delegates to achieve a set of goals, follow best practice and test their code at every step of development. The outcome is a sustainable model for future development in the true style of infrastructure-a-code.

Ansible is an immensely popular tool used for deployments, configuration management, and orchestration tasks the world over.

You can attend a course as an individual, or we can organise a session for your whole team.

We have courses available to suit different levels of experience with Ansible, so you might also be interested in our Learning Ansible or our Introducing Ansible Courses. If you're not sure which course is most relevant to your experience, please get in touch and we can help.

We also offer courses on a wide range of other Infrastructure tools and technologies, including Puppet and Containers.

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